Okinawa Daitojima region Damage such as roofing of some buildings and broken windows

Okinawa Daitojima Region Damage such as roofing of some buildings and broken windows September 6, 18:34

Eight buildings have been damaged in the Daitojima region of Okinawa Prefecture, which has left the storm zone of Typhoon No. 10.
The maximum instantaneous wind speed of 50.7 meters was observed just after 3:30 a.m. on Minami-Daitojima Island.

According to Minami-Daito Village and Kita-Daito Village, as of 5 p.m. on June 6, no one was injured, but damage was confirmed in eight buildings, including a totan roof being blown off and a broken window.

Eighty-five people were evacuated to the multipurpose exchange center in Minami-Daito Village, which had become a shelter, but on the morning of the 6th, as evacuation orders were lifted, they returned to their homes.

Hiroko Imamura, 88, who had been evacuated since the afternoon of the 4th, returned to her home for the first time in two days. There was no electricity during the power outage, but I was relieved that there was no damage to the house as it was.

Mr. Imamura said, “I was worried about what would happen when I heard that a typhoon with a wind speed of 75 meters was coming, but I was glad that there was no major damage. I’m grateful to all of you.”