Supply Chain in Central Tokyo

Recruitment summary Salary Annual income 6-9 million yen Job category Supply forecast, demand forecast Work location Tokyo 23 wards
Within 23 wards of Tokyo

Job details

1. Demand Planner
・Demand forecast for each product
-Demand forecasting using statistical methods
-in cooperation with the Division personnel, demand forecast that takes into account the market situation and sales strategy
・Promotion of S&OP process
-held monthly forecast meeting, take the consensus of the relevant departments and demand prediction
-Lead the process of difference analysis between demand forecast and Finance Budget/Projection and action plan development
・ Formulate and execute an action plan to improve demand forecast accuracy
2) Supply Planner
・Make a procurement plan for each product based on demand forecast/lead time/inventory strategy
-Based on the procurement plan, order and manage the delivery date of BD overseas factories and domestic/overseas suppliers.
・Negotiations regarding procurement plans and delivery dates (including telephone conferences overseas)
・Submit the medium-term requirement plan to the supplier
3) Inventory Planner
・Inventory setting/management for each product to meet customer service level and minimize cost
・Collaborate with related departments to carry out inventory reduction activities
4) Fulfillment Planner
-For products that are in stock in multiple warehouses in Japan, formulate a product transfer plan in order to maintain appropriate
stock, and issue a transfer instruction to the logistics department.
In addition, the CS department is instructed to change the shipping warehouse if necessary.

Experience Demand/Supply/Supply Chain Planning Skills SCM Application Guidelines

Job type Supply forecast, Demand forecast Salary Annual salary 6-9 million yen Employment form Regular employee Industry Medical equipment/medical products related

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