Two years after the Hokkaido earthquake Reduced rent burden Support for preventing isolation is an issue

2 years from the Hokkaido earthquake Reducing the burden of rent The issue is how to prevent isolation, etc. 5:50 on September 6 It is two years from the eastern Hokkaido Iburi earthquake that observed a maximum seismic intensity 7 tremor. People who live in temporary housing, such as Atsuma Town, which suffered a great deal of damage, will move to disaster public housing in the future, and assistance to reduce the burden of rent and prevent isolation is required. Otoshito On the 6th of September, the eastern Hokkaido Iburi earthquake, which observed a maximum seismic intensity of 7, caused a large-scale landslide in Atsuma Town, causing 44 people to be killed and 785 to be injured, including disaster-related deaths. ..

It has been two years since six days since the earthquake, but in the three towns of Atsuma, Anping, and Mukawa, which suffered significant damage, 375 households and 631 people are still forced to evacuate to temporary housing. I am.

Temporary housing will soon reach the deadline, and residents will start moving to disaster public housing that will be completed next month, etc. to reduce the economic burden such as rent and prevent isolation in new communities in the future I need help.

For rivers and roads damaged by the earthquake, about 85% of the restoration work ordered by the road was completed, while the policy on how to regenerate the 4,300 hectares of forest where the landslide occurred has not yet been decided. First, how to pave the way for the regeneration of forestry and other industries is an issue.