What is the most popular article read? Weekly Topic News Summary (August 28-September 3)

Let’s deliver the popular article ranking of Animage Plus again this time.
The aggregation period is one week from August 28, 2020 to September 3, 2020.

The timing when August entered the end and September entered. If it is as usual, the summer vacation of the school will end in the Kanto region and the second semester will start, but this year there are many areas where the summer vacation period has been shortened due to the new coronavirus turmoil, and the period is set in each area Because it is different, it seems that it cannot be said that “it was the end of summer vacation”.
Some days are relatively cool, but days are still hot. Please be careful about your health.

Then count down from 20th to 10th!

[20th place]
Oh, both charcoal cure and leopardon have become food toys!! 8/31 release
From “Kuroko’s Basketball”, a set of goods featuring illustrations by Daiki Aomine will be released!
[18th place]
One of the few 4D craftsmen in Japan creates a battlefield! “Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness Complete Edition”
[17th place]
“Brave series” 30th anniversary desktop calendar is now available! Also posted illustrations
[16th place]
Let’s hand-craft an authentic “Pokemon” aqua dome at home♪
[15th place]
shine! A live-action movie Spider-Man costume displayed in Osaka
[14th place]
Review past series! Free delivery on “GYAO!” before the 4th period of “Attack on Titan”!
[13th place]
TV animation “Iwakake! ]Special live delivery is decided! Starring Sumire Uesaka, Yui Ishikawa and others
[12th place]
It’s so cool in Osaka! Wataru & Granzort Exhibition Osaka
[11th place]
“Pokemon” broadcast on August 30 “Pikachu, get it!” Pre-cut and synopsis released

20th place is a regular food toy article of rank-in after a long time. It’s interesting that the driving force is Leopardon’s popularity… but it is probably because the item of “Devil’s Blade” usually attracted a lot of attention.

The 17th place is the Hero Series, the 12th place is the “Majin Heroes Wataru” and “Mado King Granzort” exhibitions, and information related to sunrise works from the 80s and 90s. The high degree of attention to works around here seems to indicate that the age range of Animage Plus readers is quite wide up and down.

The 13th place is the new animation “Iwakake!” ]Live delivery information. The expectations for the work and the popularity of the voice actors may have been the key to the ranking.
By the way, “I’m talking! ]Is a work on the subject of women’s sports climbing. The title may give you the impression that you are climbing a rock on a natural mountain, but basically the game is in a well-equipped facility.

The 16th place is Pokemon item information, the 11th place is a preceding cut & synopsis article of Pokemon’s animation. Looking only at the 11th place title, it seems that it may be a story that depicts the encounter between Satoshi and Pikachu again, but it is a different content properly. If you are interested, please check the article.

On August 31, a superhuman called Leopardon appeared in the cartoon “Kinnikuman” serialized in the magazine “Weekly Playboy” and online, and became a hot topic.
Leopardon is a superman who also appeared in “Kinnikuman” that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in the 1980s and lost in 0.9 seconds. I wonder if the humiliation can be done this time.

However, regarding this topic, there are many people who post the WEB serialized version of the captured image on Twitter with a feeling of breaking, and one of the original author boiled egg Mr. Shimada complains that “some people are looking forward to paper books” The situation also happened. This is a difficult issue of the range of good sense of casual copying, and I would like to pay attention to future developments.

By the way, on August 31st, “Super Mini Pla Leopardon” (Toei version Spider-Man), which was ranked 20th in the market, was released, and it was a coincidental “Leopardon Day”.

Well then, countdown from 10th place to 1st place!

The eternal 11-year-old “Rika” is now 17! New series “#Licca” to enjoy shooting
[09th place]
Evangelion latest book “EVANGELION Millennials 2” Shows a gorgeous appendix and contents!
[08th place]
Dengeki Reprint!! Hollywood The Koshi Show & “Getter Robo” T-shirt, Hottest!?
[07th place]
X-girl and “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045” collaboration apparel released from 9/4
[06th place]
“Nanoha” 15th Anniversary Event BD Early Booking Campaign is being held!
[05th place]
What does a man ask for?? “I asked in Gekidaza” character & cast release!
[04th place]
Doraemon and MOTHER Niranma! Show all the designs of “Kono Nikki 2021”!
[03rd place]
Be sure to win the Happy Lottery “Sanrio Halloween” from 9/5!
[02nd place]
“Ultraman” becomes clearer with the latest technology! Launch of luxury Blu-ray
[01th place]
“Doraemon Future Department Store” A limited time sale of goods commemorating Dora’s birthday♪

In the 10th to 1st place, the titles of old works tended to line up.

The article about Queen Rika, a baby girl toy, ranked in 10th place. In addition to “Rika-chan”, there was a doll called “Jenny” with a set age of 17 in Takara Tomy, but this is currently suspended. 17-year-old Rika may have the intention of reopening the share that Jenny had.

8th place is the topic of reprinted T-shirt of hardcore chocolate. The Hollywood Zoshishi T-shirt and the Getter Robo T-shirt are separate products, and there is no such thing as a “Getter the Koshisho” T-shirt.

5th place is the news of the cast decision of the new animation “I tried to ask you in Dogeza”. 13th place “Iwakake! The same was true of the article in “,” but it seems that articles with voice actors’ names and photos tend to increase the number of views.

The first place is an article about Doraemon goods. Doraemon’s birthday in the title is September 3rd. It seems that the popularity of Doraemon itself and the fact that it was a timely topic became a key point in increasing the number of views.

How was the ranking this time? Please look forward to the next ranking.