Attention to scattered things even after passing the typhoon “punk” at the time of operation

Be careful of scattered goods even after passing the typhoon At the time of operation, “Punk” also September 7 at 8:25

It is dangerous to go outside while the typhoon is approaching, but be careful when walking outside or driving a car after the typhoon passes.

Due to Typhoon No. 10, severe winds and very strong winds have blown in various parts of Kyushu, causing damage such as parts of buildings being blown off.

In some cases, things that have been blown away by the wind are not removed and remain scattered on roads and sidewalks. When walking, make sure your feet don’t fall or hit your feet.

Even when driving a car, if you bump into something that has been blown away, it will lead to a traffic accident, and it will be easy to puncture if you step on a tire even with a small thing.

JAF Rescue Request No.1 is “Punk”

According to the Japan Automobile Federation, the most important request for car relief due to a typhoon is a flat tire.

It is thought that there are a lot of cases where the puncture occurs when the roof, the part of the outer wall, and the branch of the tree etc. which were blown off by the strong wind caused by the typhoon are scattered on the road, and the car runs on it.

In Typhoon No. 21, which caused a record storm and caused damage mainly in in September, there were 782 requests for relief due to tire punctures in the three days from September 4 to 6, after the approach of the typhoon.

Don’t let your guard down because the typhoon has passed, and be sure to check the conditions of the road carefully when driving a car.