Factors that weakened the force of Typhoon No.10: Impact of the preceding typhoon on the decline in sea temperature?

Factors that weakened the power of Typhoon No. 10 The effect of the preceding typhoon on the drop in sea temperature or September 7 at 8:46 p.m.

Typhoon No. 10 was temporarily expected to develop into a special warning level with a central pressure of 930 hectopascals approaching Kagoshima Prefecture, but it stopped developing as it passed through the East China Sea and later weakened its power.
Experts have analyzed that Typhoons 8 and 9, which had previously passed through the East China Sea, were affected by lowering the surrounding sea temperature.
In general, typhoons are stronger because water vapor, which is an energy source, is supplied when passing through high sea temperatures, but when a typhoon passes, it stirs seawater, so deep cold seawater is raised and the sea temperature decreases.

According to Mr. Akira Wada, Director of the Meteorological Research Institute of Japan Meteorological Agency, which is studying the effects of marine environments such as sea temperature on typhoons, we have analyzed that the passage of Typhoon No. 10 when the sea temperature in the East China Sea was lowered by Typhoons 8 and 9 may have affected development.

Mr. Wada also pointed out the difficulty of prediction, as “the period between Typhoon No. 9 landing on the Korean Peninsula and No. 10 heading to the East China Sea was relatively short, so the sea surface was covered with clouds and could not be obtained as data to estimate and predict water temperature from satellites.”

On top of that, Mr. Wada said, “It does not change that it was in the strong class as a typhoon affecting Japan. The distribution of the damage changes only by changing the position of the typhoon a little, and please do not relax the vigilance even if there is no damage this time. The typhoon season will continue over the next month, but the sea surface temperature in the south of Japan continues to be very high. There is a good chance that a typhoon with increased strength will come in the future, so please continue to be vigiling.”