Kimura Takuya, a surprise present from Kentaro Ito, who professes to be a “big fan”!?

“Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!” is a program on TOKYO FM, where Takuya Kimura welcomes guests with whom he has a friendship and lives flexibly throughout his life. Actor Kentaro Ito appears as a guest in September. On the Sunday, September 6th, it was lively with Mr. Ito’s talk full of “Ai Kimura”.

◆Kimura and Kentaro Ito are delighted with the surprise

“There is an actor who wants us to have a talk session with the captain (* Kimura’s name on this radio). That is Kentaro Ito! Co-starred at the end (in the scene) in the drama “Kyouba” (Fuji TV series). As you know, Captain Ito is a fan of Mr. Takuya Kimura, so I’d like to listen to their talk. Captain, please!” (15-year-old woman)

This talk was realized in response to passionate messages from listeners. As soon as Mr. Ito appeared in the studio, “I’m so happy (the guest appearance), I couldn’t sleep at all yesterday (smiles). After hearing from the (program guest), I thought, “What should I do?” I was really looking forward to today’s day, and I had no choice but to look forward to it, but as I approached, I wonder if it’ll stop for a while (laughs).” Holding a face.

In such a situation, Kimura puts in a tsukkomi saying, “If time stops, I can’t (appear in the program) (laughs)!”, and develop a talk in a friendly atmosphere. According to Kimura, when the recording was resumed in the studio, when he had a meeting with the program staff about who to offer the guest to, he said, “What about this person?” Akatsuki, who had been negotiating for the appearance with someone who said, “I would like to talk to a person like this,” is in the process of being realized in this way. Before this message Once, he said, “Kentaro-kun, that’s fine!”

Mr. Ito had been proclaiming that he was a “Kimura fan” for a long time, and Kimura said, “If so, it would be ant to talk together?” That’s what happened this time.”

Actually, I heard that Ito-san handed me a souvenir right after I met him at the studio. I thought, “I should open it.” (Laughs). You can open it now,” says Kimura. It’s hard to predict what the contents are, and at the moment of opening the box, he wonders, “Wow! What is this! Oh, it’s a clock! Wow…cool!”

To Mr. Kimura who was pleased, Mr. Ito gave a relief expression, “I’m glad!” I remember there was a (surfing) corner in my house, and I remembered that, so when I was wondering what was good (as a souvenir), At the shop, this happened to be on the wall “Burn! “It’s this! “I bought it because I thought it would be appreciated.”

Kimura makes a smile on his face as a souvenir of such a surprise. “When I open it, I have a fin to pierce on a longboard, but it’s a wooden clock with that shape. This is fashionable!” he said, “Thank you. Thank you. Take this home and firmly. “I would like to decorate it in that corner,” he said in a thankful manner.

The next broadcast on Sunday, September 13th, will continue to receive Mr. Ito as a guest. Please look forward to it!

Program Name: Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!
Broadcast date and time: Every Sunday from 11:30 to 11:55
Personality: Takuya Kimura
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