LDP presidential election to be held in the prefectural coalition of 44

LDP presidential election to be held in Tokyo’s 44-year-old prefectural coalition September 7 at 4:14 p.m.

According to NHK’s summary, in order to determine where to vote for the three votes assigned to each prefectural coalition in the LDP presidential election, the majority of the 44 prefectural governments are going to hold primaries by party members and other members of the party, and each camp will focus on expanding its support for party members.
The LDP presidential election will be contested by a total of 535 votes: a 394-vote “parliamentaly vote” and a 141-vote “local vote” allocated by three votes to 47 prefectures.

It is up to each prefecture to decide where to vote for the three votes, but the party headquarters is encouraging them to reflect the intentions of party members by conducting primaries and other means.

NHK interviewed each prefectural association and examined how to decide where to vote, and found that the majority of 44 prefectural governments will conduct primaries by party members and other members of the prefecture.

Among these
The so-called “donto system,” which distributes three votes according to the votes, is adopted by 36 prefectural governments, including Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tottori.
It is said that it will adopt a “total allocation method” that assigns all three votes to the candidate with the most votes, including during the adjustment, in addition to seven metropolitan prefectures such as Tokyo and Kanagawa,
The Nara Prefectural Association of Nara Prefecture will assign two votes to the candidate with the most votes and one vote to the next candidate.

Other hand
Aling the Hokkaido and Niigata prefectural associations will not conduct a preliminary election, they will conduct a questionnaire survey of party members and others, and the results will be reflected in the voting destinations.
The Akita Prefectural Assembly will decide where to vote by three votes in consultation with local elected diet members and prefectural legislators.

The three camps, Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan, Chairman of the Kishida Political Affairs Research Committee, and former Secretary General Ishiba, who have announced their candidacy for the presidential election, have decided to focus on expanding their support for party members in order to win local votes.