Miyazaki: I couldn’t get in touch with four people in Shiiba Village.

Miyazaki Shiiba Village 4 people could not be contacted, mountain slope collapse house was washed away or September 7 12:06

In the early morning of the 7th, there was a report in the village that the slope of the mountain collapsed in Shiiba Village, Miyazaki Prefecture, and nearby houses were washed away. According to the prefecture, four men and women who were in this house etc. cannot be contacted, and the safety is not understood, and the police etc. are searching.
At around 6 a.m. on the 7th, the local fire brigade contacted the village when the slope of the mountain collapsed in Fukura, Shiiba Village, and nearby houses were washed away by a river that was flowing along with the sediment.

According to the prefecture and the village, there were houses and the office of a local contractor at the site, and there were five people.

Of these, three men and one woman have not been able to contact four people in total, and the police are searching for them because their safety is unknown.

Also, one of the remaining men is seriously injured, but the details are not known.

Shiiba Village is located in a mountainous area in the northwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, and it has continued to rain due to Typhoon No. 10, and the amount of rain since the beginning of the 4th of this month has exceeded 500 mm.