Residents’ briefing on the selection of the final disposal site for “nuclear waste” in Suto, Hokkaido

Residents’ Briefing on the Selection of Final Disposal Site for “Nuclear Waste” September 7, 23:19, Tokyo

The first residents’ briefing session has begun in the town of Suto, Hokkaido, which is considering applying for an investigation over the selection of a final disposal site for so-called “nuclear waste.”
However, because the discussion did not deepen in the town, it was decided to hold a briefing in this district again.
The residents’ briefing was held for the first time on July 7 in the Kusuya area of Suto Town, which is considering applying for an investigation, over the selection of final disposal sites for “high-level radioactive waste” and so-called “nuclear waste,” and 19 people attended.

The briefing was held privately, and after the meeting, according to Haruo Kataoka, the mayor of the town who responded to the interview, the town explained the financial situation and the system for the final disposal of “nuclear waste.”

However, after this, residents concentrated on questions that were difficult to respond to from the standpoint of the town, such as the country’s energy policy, and were unable to exchange opinions as expected.

For this reason, the town will hold a briefing session in this area again.

Mr. Kataoka said, “I felt that some residents had a lot of anxiety and distrust about nuclear weapons. Looking at today’s atmosphere, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make a decision in a hurry.”

Residents’ briefings are scheduled to be held at the remaining six locations in the town, but the not being able to proceed smoothly in the first briefing has once again highlighted the difficulty of the discussion over “nuclear waste.”