Takako Tokiwa screams and Haruka Kinan screams! Hinoyama Noriyuki starring “Adult circumstances”

The poster visual and the trailer of the movie “Adult’s Circumstances Excluding Smartphone” (released on January 8, 2021), starring Noriyuki Higashiyama, were released on the 7th. The movie “Adult’s Circumstances: Looking at a Smartphone” was a Japanese remake of the “Adult Circumstances” (released in 2017), which was remade in 18 countries and won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and Best Screenplay. Work. There is only one rule of “adult circumstances” that is common to all countries around the world, “unlock your smartphone and make the contents of incoming phone calls and emails public.” Everyone who participated in the party participates in the game with the secret of immediate and collapsing marital relations and friendship if they get caught. On the night of lunar eclipse, three couples and one single man were connected after an event that they met again for the first time in a year. Gathered are Honami Suzuki & Toru Masuoka’s 50s celebrity couple, Takako Tokiwa & Hiromasa Taguchi’s 40s frustrated couple, Haruka Kinami & Yasushi Fuchigami’s 30s newlyweds, and Noriyuki Higashiyama. 7 single men who are not popular. The game of “exposure each other’s smartphone contents” starts with the speech of one participant. All of them said, “I have nothing to keep up with,” but in fact, they had secrets that I never wanted to know. Eventually, the party was sent to Shuraba by a definitive email. Tokiwa sympathized with a violent slap saying “This shit!”, and Kinan cried, screaming “Die!”. Higashiyama murmured that “the worst is me…” In the poster visual, the seven faces of the seven people who were standing in an uncomfortable situation, as the catch phrase of “I can laugh now”, were cut out to the adults surrounding the table with a smile.