Typhoon No.10 on high tide

Typhoon No.10 on high alert at 0:15 a.m. on September 7

With the approach of Typhoon No. 10, severe storm surges are required in Kyushu, Shikoku, and China for the next few hours.
The Japan Meteorological Agency has indicated areas and time zones where flood damage is likely to occur beyond the criteria of the Storm Surge Warning.

As a result, in the western part of Yamaguchi Prefecture facing the Sekimon Strait and the Kitakyushu region of Fukuoka Prefecture, strict vigilance is required for storm surges for the next few hours.

In addition, the coasts of various parts of Kyushu, such as the Arimei Sea, Yatsushiro Sea, and Omura Bay in the western part of Kyushu, which are close to typhoons, as well as Ehime Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Okayama Prefecture facing the Seto Inland Sea, should also be alerted.

This is the highest tide level in a year, and we are calling for people to stay away from the coast and the estuary and to evacuate immediately.