California Large-scale wildfire burns nearly four times the area of Tokyo

California Large-scale wildfire nearly four times the area of Tokyo burned down September 8 at 12:39 p.m.

The massive wildfires that continue in western California have burned down nearly four times the area of Tokyo since the beginning of the year, the worst in history.
There have been a series of large wildfires in California, and Governor Newsom declared a state of emergency across the state last month.

According to the Associated News, wildfires have occurred in about 900 locations since 15 last month, many of which have been caused by lightning strikes, causing severe heat waves and dryness to cause damage.

Since the beginning of this year, about 8000 square kilometers, nearly four times as many as Tokyo, have been burned down, the worst wildfire in History in California.

In California, the heat has been severe, with a maximum temperature of 49 degrees on the 6th in Los Angeles.

An official responding to a wildfire in the suburbs of Los Angeles told local media today that “according to weather forecasts, it will be life-risking for the next three days” and called for evacuation as the fire is likely to spread to residential areas.

Eight people have been killed and 3,300 buildings have been damaged in a series of wildfires so far, and about 200 people who lost their escape sites surrounded by fire hands have been rescued by helicopter in the National Forest on May 5.