Children cunned their school lunch grapes in their throats and died in Hachioji, Tokyo

Children cunned in the throat of school lunch grapes and died at 1:44 p.m. on September 8, Hachioji, Tokyo

On the 7th, a four-year-old boy was found dead at a kindergarten in Hachioji City, Tokyo, with grapes ed ed at school lunch stuck in his throat. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the situation in detail after listening to a story from a kindergarten official.
At around 1 p.m. on July 7, a female teacher found a four-year-old boy suffering at a kindergarten in Hachioji City, Tokyo, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but died shortly afterwards.

When the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that it was reported, it was found that it was thought that it was suffocation death by clogging the grape ed in the school lunch to the throat.

The grapes were about three centimeters in diameter and were ed with three peels per person.

At that time, 25 kindergarten children were eating school lunches made in kindergarten together, and the teacher who noticed the boy’s accident carried out first aid measures.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the situation in detail by listening to the people concerned.

The head of the kindergarten told NHK, “I’m really sorry that my irreplaceable life has passed away. There are some areas where the cause is under investigation and we don’t know, but we will respond closely to the feelings of parents and children.”

cases of death in the past experts called attention to

There have been cases of young children pinching grapes in their throats, and according to the Japanese Academy of Pediatrics, a one-year-old, six-month-old boy died in 2013.

A meeting of national experts, among the guidelines to prevent accidents that occur in childcare facilities, gives grapes one of the ingredients to avoid being used in school lunches, as there is a risk of accidentally clogging the throat.

Tatsuhiro Yamanaka, president of a non-profit organization that works to prevent accidents for children and a pediatrician, says, “It is important to cut grapes and mini tomatoes into small slices so that they don’t get stuck in their throats, and to make sure that adults around them pay attention to whether they are swallowing properly.”