Chinese government announces talks “There has never been a three-power severation in Hong Kong”

Chinese government announces “three powers divided into Hong Kong” September 8 at 10:06 a.m.

The Chinese government released a statement on the night of July 7 that “there has never been a three-power severation in Hong Kong.”
Since the Democratic Party of Hong Kong has rallied against Hong Kong’s denial of the three powers in an interview by Hong Kong’s top administration chief, Mr. Lin May, it is believed that there is an aim to clearly state Beijing’s position and to suppress the spread of further backlash.
At a press conference on the 1st of this month, Hong Kong’s chief executive, Lin Zhengyi, declared that “Hong Kong is not a three-power dividing, but that the administration has power over legislation and justice,” and the pro-democracy is strongly opposed to China’s desire to further strengthen Hong Kong’s rule.

On this, the Hong Kong-Macau Office, which is in charge of Hong Kong affairs at the Chinese government, issued a spokesman’s statement on the evening of July 7, stressing that “Hong Kong has advanced autonomy, including administrative power, legislative power, and judicial power, but the authority to embody national sovereignty is in the central government and there has never been a three-party division in Hong Kong.”

In 1987, in the process of drafting Hong Kong’s constitutional basic law, Deng Xiaoping, who was the highest-powered figure, indicated that he would not introduce a three-party dividing, and he ruled Hong Kong’s democratic party, saying, “The intent to advocate the three powers is to challenge Hong Kong’s constitution and order and to remove Hong Kong from central rule and turn it into an independent political organization.”

The Chinese government is expected to try to suppress the spread of further backlash by clearly showing its position.

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