Encounter with a book that the deputy store manager who has an entrance fee wishes “like falling in love”

In the Cantere/Fuji TV documentary program “Seven Rule” (every Tuesday from 23:00), which will be broadcast on the 8th of today, Izumi Hayashi (28), the deputy store manager of Roppongi’s bookstore “Bunko” with admission fee To do. Izumi Hayashi, deputy store manager of “Bunkou”, provided by Kantere The “Bunkou” in a stunning appearance in the center of Roppongi was the first admission fee in Japan (1,650 yen on weekdays, 1,980 yen on weekends and holidays in Japan) two years ago. It opened as a bookstore with tax). There are about 30,000 books in the store. We have books on novels, business, art, manga, and even books that are difficult to find in ordinary bookstores. Visitors can freely read the book while drinking tea or lying down, and purchase the book they like. Hayashi has been going to the library with his father every weekend since he was a child. He enjoyed touching various books, and continued to go to school until he became a high school student. “I was close to books while forming my own personality,” she said after graduating from university, and joined Japan Publishing Sales, which wholesales books to bookstores. And when the project to create “Bungou” started three years ago, I was involved with the store manager from the concept of the store. One of the most popular secrets of Bungou is that 100 people visit each day, and you can find rare books that cannot be found at ordinary bookstores. To that end, we are constantly focusing on the needs of our users, such as checking new publications that are released every day about 200 volumes and reactions on SNS. On the other hand, as a book professional, a wide range of knowledge and a large amount of information are required, so he may be worried about how to interact with books. What is the “book” that became a bible for her? Mr. Hayashi says, “A bookstore for meeting books is like falling in love. I want people to encounter books in the same way that they would meet humans.” Close to her seven rules. At the studio, YOU performed “Picture Book Storytelling” for Takataka Aoki, who was just born. You will be able to read the same picture book many times, so YOU ​​will create stories on the way. While agreeing with this, Yukiko Mototani said, “By doing so, my child will get angry with me.” Also, what is the reading method of Nagahama that you have been going to the library since you were small?