It’s been 24 years since the murder of Sophia University student.

24 years after the murder of Sophia University student, my teacher resolved the issue as soon as possible September 8 at 5:37 a.m.

The murder of Junko Kobayashi, a sophia university student in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, in 1996 remains unsolved for 24 years in nine days.
At the time, a professor who was teaching English literature to Junko at university told an interviewer for the first time that he was “really sorry that he lost his life before he flew around the world” and strongly appealed for the resolution of the case.

Junko Kobayashi, then 21, was a fourth-year student at Sophia University’s School of Foreign Studies.

On September 9, 1996, someone killed him at his home in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, with a knife, and his house was set on fire.

It happened two days before I went to study in the United States.

At the time, Kotoku Togo, a university lecturer and still a professor, was in charge of English literature classes from the year Junko entered the university.

It is said that the bright personality and the appearance of taking care of the lower class students are strongly impressed.

Mr. Togo recalled, “I was loved by many of my friends because I felt like I was a serious, friendly student from downtown.”

“I’ve heard that my dream for the future is to become a journalist, but I’m really sorry that I lost my life before I flew around the world, and I think he was also sorry. I wanted Junko to go to study abroad, and I would have wanted to go there myself.”

Mr. Togo is still scraping newspaper articles and other articles related to the case in the hope of resolving the case, and said, “I still can’t believe it. I want to know the truth as soon as possible, and I want it to be solved.”

Junko’s thoughts on the report

There are still reports written by Junko Kobayashi while she was in college.

This report was written in my freshman year when I attended Togo’s lecture and discussed a novel by an English writer.

Written by hand on 11 sheets of manuscript paper, Junko, who was aiming to become a journalist, analyzes the background of the time when the novel was written and the trend of society at that time in her own way.

Mr. Togo said, “I was a very honest and straight student, but I also had that kind of personality in my reports. I think I was writing her simple thoughts, not the feeling of decorating strangely or trying to do something new.”