“Odaiba!! Hyperdimension Festival” 2nd decision decided! Nana Mizuki and Mamoru Miyano gathered

Fuji TV’s music special program “Odaiba!! Hyperdimension Festival 2020-One heart for even an unspectated audience!!” edited by popular artists for “2D” content such as anime and games, and “2.5D” that has been popular in recent years. However, it was decided that it will be broadcast on October 6 (24:25 to 25:55). Performing artist “Odaiba!! Hyperdimension Festival” was broadcast on New Year’s Day this year, and even though it was broadcast late at night, the number of tweets “#Superdimension Music Festival” exceeded 130,000. To In response to this, the second broadcast this time is decided. MC will continue to be in charge of the comedy duo Banana Man. This time, there are 12 artists in all. Nana Mizuki, the queen of the anison world who has paved the way for being a “voice actor”. Mamoru Miyano, who is now playing an active role in the drama stage beyond the frame of voice actors. Inori Minase, who plays the role of REM and gains popularity in the anime “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”, will appear after the first episode. In addition, “Love Live! “FripSide”, a music unit with voice actor actor Aino Nanjo who played the role of Eri Ayase in “School Idol Project”, became a huge hit as the opening theme song of the popular anime “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun” “only my railgun”. In addition, he sang the “dual existence”, which will be the first performance. Hiroshi Shimono, a voice actor who plays the part of Yoshinori Azuma of the anime “Kimi no Blade” that caused a huge boom last year, is in line with LiSA’s “Gurenhua” which was a big hit in the opening theme song of the anime “Kimi no Blade” , Develop the exercises you invented in Nakayama Kin. Mae Uchida, a voice actor who breaks the role of Rokuka Yutori in the anime “Chu ni Ibushi de Koi ga Shitai!” and is also known as the role of Norman in the anime “Promise Neverland”, develops an improvisation play with Hiro Shimono. Demonstrate awesome skills. In addition, five young male voice actors such as Poppin’ Party and Yusho Uemura have been formed from BanG Dream!, a next-generation girl band project that develops various media mixes such as anime, games, comics, and real live by voice actors. Introducing SparQlew, legendary angela of the anime song world, and TRUE who is also active as a lyricist. TRUE will perform the theme song “WILL” with the video of the latest animation “Kyoto Animation Violet Evergarden”. And this time, two Disney projects are being developed. The first is “Disney Voice Prince” Voice Stars. A voice actor known for appearing on the stage “Touken Ranbu” and proud of the top level popularity as a 2.5-dimensional actor Yoshihiko Aramaki, the role of Gian in “Doraemon”, and the character rap project “Hypnosis Mike”・7 “Prince” including Subaru Kimura show off the famous piece of Disney works. A gem that decorated Disney works, such as “Under the Sea” in “The Little Mermaid”, “Shining Future” in “Rapunzel on the Tower”, and “I Can’t Wait to Be King” in the “Lion King” Deliver the song with animation. Second, Night Ravens, the unit that sings the theme song from the smartphone app game “Disney Twisted Wonderland” that was delivered in March this year, was first released on the ground. The popular name “Twist” is showing a lot of explosive excitement as it often enters the trend on Twitter. Among them, the reality of Night Ravens singing the theme song has been shrouded in mystery until now, but it will finally be unveiled. The theme song “Piece of my world” will appear with a special video. In the talk with MC Bananaman, a project of Muchaburi that is becoming a specialty of the program, Hiroshi Shimono, Mamoru Miyano, Maaya Uchida, Ayasa Ito (Poppin’ Party) will be the role decided by lottery and play an improvisational play. .. In addition, Nana Mizuki, Aino Nanjo, and Inori Minase will challenge the project of saying the words according to the illustration of Banana Man Himura as a female character. The “complete version”, including the unreleased parts, will be broadcast on CS and Fuji TV TWO from October 10 (21:00 to 23:00). Banana Man (C) Fuji Television