Apple Announces New iPhone or Special Event on 15th

Apple Announces New iPhone or Special Event on 15 September 9th 07:32

US IT giant Apple has announced that it will open a special event on the 15th of this month. Apple usually announces a new iPhone at this time of year, and it’s expected that new products will be unveiled again this time.
Apple has not disclosed details about the event except that it will open on September 15, but at this time of year, ahead of the year-end sales season, apple has announced a new iPhone and other products, and this time the new product is expected to be unveiled again.

The American media reported that the event will show off the new Apple Watch and the iPhone, which is compatible with the next-generation 5G communication standard.

As the global economy deteriorates due to the spread of the new coronavirus, smartphone shipments have dropped significantly, and some say that Apple’s launch of a 5G-compatible iPhone will lead to a search for demand.

The event is expected to be delivered online to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.