ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting focuses on South China Sea issue, message to ease tensions

ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting On south China Sea issue Message to ease tensions focuses September 9 at 11:59 a.m.

The Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations began on September 9 in the form of a video conference. On the issue of the South China Sea, where the conflict between the United States and China deepens, ASEAN is expected to exchange views on how to launch a message to ease tensions.
At the opening ceremony held prior to the meeting, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Min, who is chairing the meeting, said: “There is a growing tendency in several countries to show intimidating diplomacy, selfishness and lack of consistency. There are always challenges that threaten peace and stability in the region, including the South China Sea,” he said, avoiding name-nameing but expressing concern over ingest tensions between the United States and China.

The conference focused on the issue of the South China Sea, where some ASEAN members and China are competing for territorial rights, and while China claims almost all of its interests, the United States has pointed out that it is “completely illegal,” and tensions are growing as military activities between the two countries are active.

In ASEAN member countries, concerns about this situation are spreading, and the draft joint statement of the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting obtained by NHK includes words to encourage self-control after “showing concern about landfills, activities, and serious incidents that raise regional tensions.”

While some countries place importance on relations with China, such as Cambodia, the focus of the conference will be on how ASEAN will launch a message to ease tensions.