AstraZeneca Corona Virus vaccine clinical trial temporarily suspended

AstraZeneca Corona Virus Vaccine Clinical Trial Temporarily Suspended 11:54 September 9 k10012608481_202009091216_202009091217.mp4 British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is temporarily collaborating with Oxford University on a new Coronavirus vaccine clinical trial Revealed that it was suspended. The details aren’t disclosed, but it’s for validating safety data. AstraZeneca announced in a statement yesterday that it has temporarily suspended the final stage clinical trials of the vaccine in the United Kingdom and the United States to confirm its safety and efficacy in humans.

The statement said, “Independent committees are reviewing safety data,” and added, “In large clinical trials, participants in the study may experience some symptoms and should be independently verified. You have to do it.”

On the other hand, details such as what kind of symptoms actually occurred are not disclosed.

AstraZeneca says, “We will consider the safety of test participants while minimizing the impact on the development schedule.”

While new coronavirus vaccine development continues in countries such as China and the US, the vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University is one of the most advanced.

The Japanese government has reached a basic agreement that if AstraZeneca succeeds in development, it will receive 120 million doses from the beginning of next year and 60 million people will be vaccinated twice.

On the other hand, the development of a new coronavirus vaccine has been progressing at an unprecedented speed as each country is rushing to put it into practical use, and experts are calling for thorough verification of safety.

Chief Cabinet Secretary “Properly judge approval or rejection”

At the press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said, “We have received reports that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is collecting detailed information from companies. By the first half of next year, vaccines will be available to all citizens. In order to achieve this, if there is an application for approval in Japan, we will appropriately judge whether or not to approve it from the viewpoint of ensuring efficacy and safety, based on data from clinical trials and the latest scientific knowledge. I said.