Australian reporter banned from china returns home “felt like harassment”

Return of a Australian reporter banned from China “felt like harassment” September 9 at 5:33 a.m.

Two Australian reporters in China who were temporarily banned from the country by Chinese authorities and were investigated suddenly returned home, one of which said he “felt like harassment” and talked about the circumstances of the investigation.
Bill Burtles, a reporter for Australian public broadcaster ABC in Beijing, and two Australian reporters returned home this month with the support of the Australian government after being temporarily banned from and investigated by Chinese authorities as a condition of their release.

Among them, Bartles appeared on ABC’s program and said of the situation at the time that “seven officials visited his home in the middle of the night and told him, ‘You can’t leave China because you were involved in the incident.'”

Later, Bartles commented on the Chinese authorities’ investigation, “it felt more like harassment of an Australian reporter than trying to get some information.”

The investigation did not go to the core of the interview, but asked about an Australian woman who worked for a Chinese state television station detained by Chinese authorities.

China and Australia are at odds over the source of the new coronavirus and the situation in Hong Kong, and relations have cooled, and the issue could become a new spark for both countries.