California Severe Heat Continues Wildfires Over 170,000 Households

California Severe Heat Wildfires Continue 170,000 Households Power Outage September 9 at 8:26 AM

Wildfires in California, USA, have had a significant impact on the lives of residents, including a power outage for more than 170,000 households as the heat continues to be severe.
In western California, the temperature on the 6th in Los Angeles has been severe, with a record high of 49.4 degrees.

Against this situation, wildfires in various parts of the country have not stopped gaining momentum, and according to state fire authorities, the area has been about 890,000 hectares, four times the area of Tokyo, and about 3,300 buildings have been damaged.

It also said that eight people have died so far.

In California, more than 170,000 households have been affected by power outages in various parts of the country to prevent fires caused by power lines.

Fire officials have called on residents to be on alert for early evacuation, as the range of wildfires is likely to spread rapidly due to the continued strong wind and dry conditions.

On the other hand, in western Colorado, where wildfires are in place as well as California, the temperature during the day was lower than the previous day due to the southern part of the cold front.
It fell about 30 degrees, and in the suburbs of Denver, snow piled up slightly on the hood of a car and on the lawn of a park, and slee fell.

Local media reported that the cold had caused wildfires to gain momentum for several days.
It conveys the view of the fire authorities that it will be suppressed.