Festival nine. Rikuto Kanda, Wagyu “I want you to become an “official brother””

Terasaka Yoriga, Rikuto Kanda, and Takuya Urakami from the entertainment group Festival nine. 』(Every Tuesday 24:55 ~ ※ Kansai local). (From the left in the front row) Yoriga Terasaka, Rikuto Kanda, Takuya Urakami (From the left in the back row) Provided by milk boys Takashi Komaba and Takashi Utsumi = Kantere This time, we infiltrated many incident sites such as North Korea and drug tampering, and many Yukio Ishihara, a behind-the-scenes journalist who knows the darkness of the world, appeared as a special guest. The shocking real experience on the spot is presented in a quiz format and competes with Milkboy for answers. On the 22nd, Kaneda Noda, Noritake Yokoyama, and Jukiya Takasaki will be performing at the festival nine. Members of festival nine. will appear on the show for 8 to 4 weeks. After the recording, Terasaka said, “I didn’t go out to variety as a group, so I felt a firm feeling, but the performers were kinder than I expected, and it was really comfortable,” he said. Mr. Urakami, who was born there, said, “When Wagyu-san and the staff were having a meeting, I heard the voice that Boymen had left because he had left a scar on his nails, and it was great pressure. But I’m so happy that my family can watch it, and I can be a little honorable. I think that there is.” Kanda, who has the second level of the Osaka test, said, “I would like you to become an “official brother” because (Wagyu-san) was kind to me,” he said. Regarding the co-starring with Wagyu, Terasaka said, “I sometimes do MC at the festival nine. event, but I was messed up with Mr. Kawanishi’s connection and it was a great study,” he said. When I asked a member about an incident that happened recently, he said, “When I met 10 minutes ago at the Kisa Shinkansen station, I was overslept only by Nonoda. When I got on my seat, I slept as soon as I could sleep. “Urakami announced the episode. Whether or not such Noda has collected energy on the road, he shows a lively appearance on the theme of “cool word” in the recording for the 22nd broadcast, “I am doing my best to deliver a laugh that can pass in Kansai.” Please watch it.” Yokoyama also showed a strange face that he has 100 pieces on the program, and it is up to the person who sees whether he becomes a fan of (my) or not. It seems that he has done his best. In addition, Takasaki, who said, “Kendama was the reason why I entered the office,” said he was “very difficult,” and in a certain situation, he was showing off his special skill. At the end, when I heard the message to the viewers, Terasaka said, “This year is the 4th year of the festival, and I would like to do my best to reach out to people all over the country. I think it’s a step, so I’d like you to see it first and let me know. Thank you.”