Joint Statement on Accelerating Infrastructure Development in the Mekong River Basin

Japan-U.S. Joint Statement on Accelerating Infrastructure Development in the Mekong River Basin September 9 at 12:19 p.m.

Before a series of foreign ministers’ meetings of the ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations were held, the two governments issued a joint statement that said they would strengthen cooperation with the countries concerned to accelerate infrastructure development, such as the power grid in the Mekong River basin, and are expected to aim to win over China, which is strengthening its influence in the region.
A SERIES of ASEAN foreign ministers’ meetings are held in a video conference format, attended by Japanese Foreign Minister Mogi and U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo.

On August 8, the Two Governments of Japan and the United States jointly issued a ministerial statement on the infrastructure development of the Mekong River Basin, the longest river in Southeast Asia.

In these five countries in the Mekong River basin, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, demand for electricity is increasing rapidly due to economic growth, and the development of power grids is an urgent issue.

In order to accelerate infrastructure development, we will strengthen cooperation with related countries and local electric power companies and promote technical support.

In the Mekong River basin, China has invested a large amount of infrastructure in the past, and last month, if China successfully developed a vaccine for the new coronavirus, it has become more influential, including its intention to give priority to watershed countries.

The United States, which is deepening its confrontation with China over the issue of the South China Sea, is located in cooperation with Japan to strengthen its infrastructure in the Mekong River basin, aiming to win over China and to take in other countries.