Kayoko Okubo “Because it’s fine and clear, with a loud and confident short sentence…”

“KOSÉ Healing Blue” is a program of TOKYO FM where Kayoko Okubo works as a personality and works with guests to help listeners’ concerns and provide healing time. Actor Ao Nakamura appeared on the broadcast on Sunday, September 6. We responded to the consultation from the listener.

Kayoko Okubo

There are places where I can’t refuse my requests. I was asked unreasonably at work and thought “I have time, so I should do it myself”, but “It’s work and it’s different from bringing personal feelings that I do not want to do it”. Then, almost all the requests are answered.

I often say I have a friendly atmosphere, but I can’t like myself. It’s easy to think that he’s a good person and he doesn’t have a bad face.

Since I am working, I want to do what I can and want to work comfortably. Even if you think you’re doing your best, aren’t you just being used as a convenient person? And recently I feel sad alone… Do you have this kind of experience? (Radio name: Mr. Yonetaro)

* * *

Okubo: You can see from the text that Yonetaro is a serious child. As long as I’m working, I want to do what I can and I just want to work comfortably, surely. Do you understand the feeling that you cannot refuse?

Nakamura: I understand. It’s like I can’t refuse, and I’ll just complain about accepting it. It’s a type of person who thinks, “I wish I could do it comfortably.”

Okubo: I understand. I also accept it, and say to the manager that it’s like “Bare me”. Without telling the person himself.

But I don’t know how Mr. Nakamura is, but I want to be with Yonetaro and be considered a good person. Yonetaro-chan may be a little different because he’s often thought to be a good person, but I want everyone to like it, and I really want to be a “Japanese mascot girl.” I got it.

I say “Oh, that’s okay” because I have a desire to be loved by everyone, but I’m disgusted with my inner feelings, “What are you saying now?” Then, I think it’s better to say what I want to say in terms of your mental health…

Nakamura: That’s right. You might think it would be cool to see someone who refuses.

Okubo: I refused, or said something I thought, “Isn’t it different?”

Nakamura: At one point, there was a place where everyone was saying, “This is an opinion like this,” and I thought that was a little different, but since everyone said too much, when I was shaken by the opinion, ” Well, that’s right.” Then other people said, “But I think this way,” and then “Oh, I have that kind of idea.”

Okubo: I see. That person looks cool.

Nakamura: So, even though I’m surprised to say that, there are times when the place is “certain”. Is Yonetaro taking too much responsibility himself? When. I think it should be easier.

Okubo: There are many different people, so if you think “this person is a little weak” or “this person is kind,” I think that there is definitely someone to embed. It may be a little closer to Mr. Nakamura, but when I feel weak, frightened when I speak, or when I feel unconfident, everyone says “This guy is okay!” Attack…

I’m good at it, so I think it’s best to say it in a loud sentence with confidence and in a short sentence. Speaking with confidence, things like “I can’t do it today because I’m busy with work!” can make me think “I can’t say too much to this person”. I think so.

Nakamura: That’s true. Let’s say your opinion out loud so that you will not be discouraged.

The next broadcast on September 13th (Sunday) will continue to be close to the concerns of Mr. Nakamura and his listeners. Please look forward to it.

Program Name: KOSÉ Healing Blue
Broadcast date and time: Every Sunday from 11:00 to 11:30
Personality: Kayoko Okubo
Program website: https://www.tfm.co.jp/blue/