Keyakizaka 46 Yuka Sugai, Rino Sashihara’s message was inspiring “I was encouraging”

Yuka Sugai, captain of the idol group 46 Keyakizaka, will appear on the cultural broadcast “Recomen!” (Every Monday-Thursday 22:00-25:00) broadcast on the 7th. I was pleased that Rino Sashihara sent his impressions of the group’s documentary film “Our Lie and Truth Documentary of Keyakizaka 46” on SNS. Rino Sashihara Sashihara updated her Twitter on the 7th. “Someone involved asked me to see it, so I watched it immediately! Expressions of pain and conflict, performances that cut lives. It was a scene that made my heart feel painful. 50 times “Yukka “…” was added.” Regarding this tweet, Sugai said, “I was very happy that Mr. Sashihara said that. I am grateful that he was so careful.” In addition, Sugai said, “Sashihara-san came to us when we went to the festival about four years ago. When we met in the corridor, he ran and said, “Sugai-chan, are you okay?” At that time, I talked about it for the first time, but I’m really happy that he cares about the group with a feeling like “It’s tough? Now”. He said, “I haven’t been able to talk to you properly, but it was a great encouragement for me to tweet in this way. I want to see you.” The program can be listened to on radiko within 1 week after broadcasting (only for Premier members if outside the area).