Mamoru Miyano and Sosaku Fukushi “I finally met you!” Enthusiasm for a performance unique to Corona

The YouTube live interview-I talked about Kachi Ura-was live-streamed on the 9th, and Fukushi Sōsaku, Mamoru Miyano, Makoto Awane (moderator), Akinori Hano (video), Sayuri Inoue (video) appeared. Village Produce 2020 Series Another Style “Urashima-san” and “Kachikachiyama” YouTube live interview-I talked about Ura-Kachi-was live-streamed on the 9th, and Fukushi Sota, Miyano Mamoru, Awane Maki (moderator), and Hanoki Akino (Video) and Sayuri Inoue (Video) have appeared. Fukushi Sōsaku, Miyano Mamoru, Awane Makoto The same work is a small group play of “Urashima-san” and “Kachikachiyama” based on the novel “Otogisoshi” by Osamu Dazai. Directed by the theater company, Hidenori Inoue of the Shinkansen, Fukushi starring “Urashima-san” is Hiroshi Kuramochi, and Miyano starring “Kachikachiyama” is adapted by Go Aoki. Fukushi and Miyano, who wanted to postpone the performance in 2022 and formed a tag in the Kabuki “Kanshu Murayai”, resonated with this project again and became the star. For the co-starring of “Urashima-san,” it was decided that Fukushi would be a theater company who shared a seat even during “Seven Skull Castle” Season Moon ☆ Shinkansen Akinori Hano and Ma Awane. “Kachikachiyama” is a two-person play by Miyano and Sayuri Inoue. The work will also be streamed live at all performances “PIA LIVE STREAM”. Originally, Fukushi starred in Miyano as a buddy and planned to perform the Inoue Kabuki “Shinshu Murayai”, but it was postponed to 2022 due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Fukushi said, “At first I was supposed to do it with Mr. Miyano, but due to various circumstances, it disappeared once, but with a smart plan. “There is something I can do now,” I want to play with Miyano-san with a stronger tag (in 2022).” Miyano said, “Thank you! It’s been a long time! I finally met you! I’m so happy that I can’t meet at the rehearsal hall.” I was pleased to see Fukushi again. Regarding “Urashima-san,” Fukushi appealed, “There is a message to the current society. It depicts the negative part and the positive part that I feel everyday,” Miyano about “Ticking Mountain” about the Tanuki role. It seems to be a role completely different from the usual image, “It is properly dirty, vulgar and smelly”. When the Fukushi shook “I heard that you were singing or dancing?”, Miyano responded with “Ah-Fukushi-kun!”, and the Fukushi confessed “I was told this!” Also a playful act. Miyano said, “I was also surprised. There are solo songs, I dance, and I think it will be a stage with a strong entertainment color. It is based on a comical taste, so the tension rises and falls sharply. “” In addition, Sayuri Inoue asked in a video message, “I think that it is a slow loris that looks calm but actually has deadly poison, but if you compare yourself to an animal?”, Miyano is surprised to be “scary!” , “I think it looks like a dog. It swings its tail right away,” showing a smiling face. Fukushi said, “I am also a dog. A large dog that thinks of himself as a small dog.” Miyano said, “I’ve been with Fukushi-kun for a long time, but when I meet in private, it looks like a dog. I understand.” “I’m okay! That’s a good story,” he said with a wry smile, Awane said, “It looks like he’s on good terms, what’s more, my uncle,” while “Uncle is a new species of helicopter goggles.” He invited me to laugh. (c)2020 “Urashima-san” “Tick-mountain”