The stuffed toy’s “religious group” is the focus of attention on Twitter!?

The word “religious group” written in a large size on the header image of Twitter, and the profile wording of “Dedicate to Guru”… I was wondering what kind of group it was, but the “guru” who taught me was a cute stuffed animal. A book project where you can talk to people on Twitter. This time, we interviewed the stuffed toy, Mr. Guru, who runs a popular account “religious organization” (@shuukyoudanntai) with 51,000 followers (as of September 2020). The stuffed toy gururu ※The charm of gururu to expand by tapping is the “teaching” that is regularly presented from his cute appearance. “Get insurance when you go abroad” “Read the terms and conditions carefully when you download new apps or software”… It’s just an ordinary “teaching” if you ask, but why? We have collected over 50,000 followers. Protect the usage capacity of medicines — Religious groups (@shuukyoudanntai) September 6, 2020

The devil dwells in milk that has passed the deadline. Discard — Religious Organization (@shuukyoudanntai) September 4, 2020
This time, we talked about the reason for starting the activity and the popular “teaching”. No. 2 “Shirokuma” who manages an account with “Guru”, secretariat member “Pao Zura” (left), and executive “Tebukuro” (right). *Tap to enlarge-Please tell us about what led you to start your current activities. I saw that Twitter opened an account in November 2018, so it seems that it has not been more than two years yet “I can be a guru because my stuffed animals can heal people,” he said. I thought that if I gave the name of a religious group whose stuffed toy was the gurus, I would probably have more friends as a stuffed animal.” ――That’s what happened~ “However, even though it’s a religious group, Guru doesn’t think that he will save people or save people. There are followers who have been saved. I think that is the power of the believer, not the power of the gurus.” ――By the way, were there any tweets that triggered your attention to the account? “Due to the fact that Guru followed, Kuroneneko Doraneko (@kurodoraneko15) introduced Guru in his tweet. I realize that the number of followers has increased rapidly.Finally, I was followed by a religious group.It was only tweets like mind control.— Black cat Doraneko (@kurodoraneko15) May 26, 2020
Mr. Doraneko, a black cat, is a person who warns scams such as guru business and online salons, but I feel that this religious organization is “a little loose and a little different from those and it will be a little help” It seems that you were able to Thank you very much.” ――Guru-san is secret about age and gender Kaguru-san *Expanded by tapping “It may be closer to saying that it is not specified, rather than secretly. Guru’s age and gender are I think it would be nice if each believer could set it up in their own way as they wished. It is also a good place for stuffed animals to do that.” ――What do you like about Guru-san and what have you been interested in recently? “What I am interested in recently is studying English! Recently, TOEIC mock exam and CASEC (Note: English test that can be taken on the internet) I’d like to officially take the TOEIC exam when Akaron Corona calms down. It’s a steep road, but I hope I can learn English as well.” I would like to receive Guru, TOEIC. First, aim for the 500 point range! — Religious organization (@shuukyoudanntai) August 27, 2020
――I was wondering why it was in English, but that was the case. So that’s it……

That influenced my teaching

――In a sense, it is a radical (?) account name called “religious organization”, but I think teaching is very familiar and useful in life. Why is it that such a teaching is disseminated? “Guru does not have any special knowledge or skills, so the only thing that can be said is general. However, I think that it often gives them the impression that they are related to life. I’m doing the missionary mission with the hopeful observation that there may be believers who feel like “I can’t help but try it.” There is.” ――What do you mean by that? “For example, I feel that the words “please”, “feast”, “come”, and “just now” are also one of the religious things. It’s not a rule, but I think it’s a little exaggerated to say that etiquette.In addition, although it may be a leap from a question, Guru is the song “One of us” by Joan Osborne. I’m very fond of, and have a great influence on religious views (Note: Joan Osbourne is an American singer-songwriter. One of us is sung with the theme “If God is the same person as us…” However, as for two things, “Do not run while holding chopsticks and skewers” ​​and “Do not drink the drink left at the outlet of the vending machine”, actually in the past Japan Based on the incident that took place, I wanted to convey the lessons learned from the incident to believers who did not know about the incident, so I added these two to my teachings… There was a deep background… …. When did the teaching come to mind? “I’ve never thought about it, but when I’m living everyday, I just wrote,’Is it better to do this?’ or’I should not do this much.’ I feel like I am just doing it.” Below, we asked some of the “teachings” that Guru likes and why.