18 new sumo wrestlers infected with Corona Virus group in Tamanoi room

18 new sumo wrestlers infected with Corona Virus group at Tamanoi room September 10 at 1:17 p.m.

In the Tamanoi room of sumo wrestling in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, it was newly discovered that a total of 18 sumo wrestlers, including FujiTo, were infected with the new coronavirus in a group.
A total of 19 people were infected in this room.
According to the announcement by the Japan Sumo Association, the Tamanoi Room in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, revealed the infection of one sumo wrestler below Makushita on the 5th of this month, and by the 10th, a total of 32 people involved in the room were examined, and a total of 18 wrestlers, including Fuji Higashi and Makushita, were newly tested positive.

A total of 19 people were infected in this room, 12 of whom were admitted to medical institutions, all of whom were mild.
The remaining seven have no symptoms and are now isolated in the room.

Adachi-ku also announced that a cluster of infected people had occurred in the Tamanoi room.
According to Adachi-ku, six out of 19 infected people have symptoms such as fever, headache, and olfactory disorders, and detailed infection routes are under investigation.

Tamanoi Room is taught by former Oseki Toto’s Tamanoi Master, and according to the Sumo Association’s website, a total of 34 members of the association, including 28 sumo wrestlers, belong to the room.

In tamanoi room, all sumo wrestlers will be closed for the autumn place, which will be the first day on the 13th of this month.

The Japan Sumo Association has decided to hold the autumn location as scheduled, and said, “We will continue to implement more thorough measures to prevent infection and strive to prevent the spread of infection. The wrestlers in the other rooms take good care of their physical condition and prepare for the main place.”

More than 10 people infected for the first time

In sumo wrestling, there have been cases of sumo wrestlers and others infected since the spread of the new coronavirus, but this is the first time that more than 10 outbreaks have been revealed in the same room.

In April of this year, a total of seven people, including former Sekiwaki and Aginojima’s Takatagawa master and sumo wrestlers, were found infected, and on May 13, Katsubushi, a third-stage member of the Takatagawa room, died at the age of 28 from multiple organ failure caused by the new coronavirus pneumonia.

It was the first time that a wrestler infected with the new coronavirus had died.

The Japan Sumo Association, under the advice of experts, compiled guidelines on measures to prevent infection, and in July, the event was held with a crowd of about 2,500 people, about a fourth of the capacity of the national sports hall, and there were no infected members of the association in the place.

However, in August, one parent and one sumo wrestler were infected, and 19 people were found infected by the 10th in Tamanoi Room.

This is the first time that more than 10 people have been infected in the same room.

The Sumo Association has taken measures to prevent infection in accordance with the guidelines, such as banning unnecessary and urgent outings and training, but it has not been able to prevent the spread of infection, and the risk of infection in sumo rooms where sumo wrestlers and parents live in groups has been highlighted once again.

Mr. Shibatayama, Public Relations Director of the Japan Sumo Association, “There is no problem holding the autumn place”

Mr. Shibatayama, Director of Public Relations of the Japan Sumo Association, said, “We have a good blockade in one room, so there is no problem at all in holding the autumn venue. The measures taken at the Sumo Room and the National Sumo Center are solid,” he said, explaining his plan to hold the autumn event as scheduled from the 13th of this month.

In addition, regarding the closure of all sumo wrestlers in tamanoi room until Chiakiraku in the autumn place, after explaining that “we have no choice but to take the form of blockade completely in the room”, about the relief measures on the numbering in the future, “It is not a bad thing to have been infected, so we have to take some measures. It’s up to the referees to decide at the numbering meeting after the place.”