All 5 new autumn sweets such as FamilyMart “Chestnut roll cake” are on sale!

From September 8th, FamilyMart started selling all five types of sweets using the classic autumn taste “chestnut” such as “chestnut roll cake” and “chestnut financier”. Five new sweets using FamilyMart “Chestnut” are on sale. The features of the newly released products are as follows. ■ Chestnut pound cake (130 yen including tax)
A hearty thick-sliced ​​pound cake with the aroma of Italian chestnuts. ■ Chestnut Baumkuchen (150 yen including tax)
Baumkuchen with a moist texture, kneaded with Italian marron paste. ■ Chestnut roll cake (160 yen including tax)
Italian chestnut paste is used for a light cream. A dish of flavorful chestnut cream wrapped in a fluffy dough. ■ Chestnut financier (130 yen including tax)
A financier made by kneading Italian chestnut paste to create a moist texture. ■ Flavorful chestnut bean paste (150 yen including tax)
A popular Japanese-Western eclectic product in which white bean paste with chestnut paste is wrapped in pie crust. Sales will end on September 8th as soon as they are sold out.