Hong Kong police respond to growing backlash against ‘excessive’ among citizens

Hong Kong Police Response To “Excessive” And Repulsion Among Citizens September 10 15:19

In September, around the downtown area where protests had been called in Hong Kong, a 12-year-old girl who was on the scene was held to the ground by a police officer and a bus driver who sounded a horn was arrested, and there has been a strong backlash among citizens, saying it was an “excessive crackdown.”
In Hong Kong on 6 September, demonstrators protested the postponement of legislative assembly elections in a central downtown area, and police arrested about 290 people around the scene for participating in illegal rallies.

At this time, a 12-year-old girl who was at the scene was pushed by a police officer and held to the ground, and a video of the scene spread through SNS.

According to the Hong Kong media, the girl lived near the scene and was stopped by the police when she went out to buy paint, so she was scared and said she ran away, but she was fined about 27,000 yen in Japanese yen for violating a rule prohibiting the gathering of three or more people with her brother.

Near the scene, a local bus driver who honked at police officers was arrested for dangerous driving and possessing weapons.

The spanna was found in the driver’s seat of the bus, but the driver’s union is repulsed that it is always in place to adjust the mirror of the bus, not a weapon.

Since June last year, when a series of protests have been active in Hong Kong, more than 10,000 people have been arrested in connection with these activities, and police responses have become even tougher since the introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Maintenance Act at the end of June, and there has been a strong backlash among citizens, saying it is an “excessive crackdown.”