Nile floods kill more than 100 people, emergency aid supplies to Sudan, Japanese government says

Nile floods kill more than 100 people Emergency relief supplies to Sudan Japanese government September 10 18:31

The Japanese government has decided to send tents and other emergency relief supplies to Sudan in Africa, where floods on the Nile have killed more than 100 people and forced more than 500,000 people to live in evacuations.

In Sudan, a wide area of the Nile basin, including the capital Khartoum, has been flooded since last month, killing more than 100 people and for foraging more than half a million people.

Against this situation, at the request of the Government of Sudan, the Japanese government decided to send emergency relief supplies, such as 320 tents and 32 generators, through the JICA International Cooperation Agency.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these goods will be delivered to the site on the 14th of this month.