Reina Triendl & Runa sisters debut in “Prebat !!”! Challenge haiku and picture letters

Reina Triendl & Runa Sisters will make their first appearance on the MBS / TBS variety show “Prebat !!” (every Thursday from 19:00), which will be broadcast today. The show, with Reina Triendl (left) and her younger sister Runa laughing combination downtown Masatoshi Hamada acting as MC, is a cultural school variety show in which experts assess the hidden talents of entertainers and announce them in a ranking format. This time, we will broadcast the talent assessment rankings for “Haiku” and “Picture Letters”. Mr. Tetsuya Kise, Tina Tamashiro, and Reina Triendl of the University of Tokyo participated in the “Haiku Talent Assessment Ranking” for the first time. In addition, Atsuko Takahata and Akira Kawashima (Kirin) will appear and compete in the ranking battle with the theme of “earphones” given by Professor Itsuki Natsui. Tamaki, who was the first to try haiku, seemed to struggle with “I thought it was so difficult to express in 575!”, But responded with “I have a little confidence!”. Will it really be a talented ant acquisition? Dr. Natsui commented on the overall workmanship, saying, “I was enthusiastic about both good and bad things.” Who will win the 1st place in talented ants !? Wataru Yokoo (Kis-My-Ft2) challenges the promotion test aiming for an assessment one rank higher. Recently, Hiromitsu Kitayama and Kento Senga, who are also members of the same group, are feeling impatient because they have been promoted. I am enthusiastic to make a difference here, but will I be promoted !? In addition, I will also deliver a corner of “Fumio’s model” by Tomio Umezawa, an eternal master. Umezawa announces haiku as an eternal master, and Professor Natsui judges whether the phrase can be published in the haiku collection. The phrase that Dr. Natsui judged to be “bottom” was shredded on the spot and shattered … Umezawa boldly challenges, “I’ve done something different this time!” I’m confident that “Today’s phrase will surprise you!”, But will it be posted? Takahata, Kawashima, Reina Triendl, and Ruriko Kojima participated in the “Talent Assessment Ranking of Picture Letters”. Dr. Yuko Hanashiro will make a picture letter with the theme of “Thank you for the people who took care of me” using the autumn theme. Whose work is the teacher praising? Kunihiro Kawashima (wild bomb) will challenge the promotion test aiming for one rank higher. I’ve been showing off unique works so far! But what kind of strange work will be produced this time? (C) MBS