Tokyo’s 23 wards end of short-time business request Tokyo governor “had a certain suppression effect”

Tokyo 23 Wards Short Business Request Ends Tokyo Governor’s “Certain Suppression Effect” September 10 18:52

Governor Koike of Tokyo held an extraordinary press conference and announced that the request to shorten business hours until 10 p.m., such as restaurants that serve sake in the 23 wards, would end on September 15 as scheduled, as there was a certain effect on the reduction of the confirmation of new infections.
Tokyo Governor Koike held an extraordinary press conference in the evening of October 10.

In this report, Governor Koike explained that the level of alertness to infection status had been lowered by one step from the most serious expression that had been held for about two months at the city’s “monitoring meeting” held on October 10, and said, “We need to continue to be vigilable, with 276 infections confirmed today, even though they have been lowered. We will continue to take timely and appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infection and to balance economic and social activities while carefully assessing the status of infection.”

On that basis, regarding the request to shorten business hours until 10 p.m. for restaurants and restaurants that serve sake in the 23 wards, he said, “The number of new positives is decreasing from the peak in early August. The influence of the flow of people after the end of Obon was also worried, but the number of positives has continued to decline since then. In light of these circumstances, we think that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has had a certain effect of restraint,” he said, announcing that the request would be terminated on the 15th of this month as scheduled in order to prevent the spread of infection and achieve a balance between economic and social activities.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the understanding and cooperation of business operators and users. I want you to be careful about eating and drinking for a long time, drinking, yelling and talking at close range.”

Regarding travel and outings outside Tokyo, which has called for self-restraint, Governor Koike said, “The current situation is that the number of new positives is decreasing, and the situation was before mid-July, when the infection spread rapidly. The number of infected people nationwide is also decreasing. On the other hand, we have heard from experts that it is necessary to be vigilant about the re-spread of infection,” and said that when going out of Tokyo, we would like you to take all possible measures to prevent infection, such as hand washing and disinfection.

In addition, Governor Koike made it clear that he would like to revise the ordinance of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as it is necessary to further enhance the effectiveness of the measures in an effort to re-expand.

Specifically, it is the responsibility of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to make efforts such as establishing an inspection system, securing a medical care system, and establishing a recuperation environment, and clarifying that people who have been confirmed infected should make efforts such as hospitalization or admission to accommodation facilities.

It also included asking tokyo citizens and business operators to cooperate in inspections and surveys.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will make a public comment on the proposed ordinance, etc., and submit it to the regular meeting of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, which is scheduled to open on September 18.