Toshiya Miyata talks about “kissing circumstances” between members “Because we are Kis-My!”

Kis-My-Ft2’s Toshiya Miyata broadcast the radio program “Kis-My-Ft2 Kis-My Radio” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / every Wednesday from 24:05 to 24:30) on the 9th at midnight. Confessed about. Miyata revealed that the opponent of the first kiss scene was member Kento Senga. In the music variety show “Momm !!” (TBS series) where Masahiro Nakai acted as MC, he said that it was when he had a rap battle, saying, “I’m going to dissipate on rap, get closer and closer, and kiss at the end. It was my first kissing scene when I did the story of the rapper club. ” “Maybe it was the first time for Chi-chan, too?” Said Miyata, “I think it was a soft and gentle feeling. In terms of taste, Chi-chan has a feminine lip balm, so it smells really good. I remembered and laughed. Next, Takashi Nikaido and Takashi Nikaido revealed on variety shows that he was “quite kissing” and said, “Nika also has soft lips. What kind of taste is it? There is a high rate of pulling lips.” In addition, Yuta Tamamori, who is a good friend in private, said, “Isn’t it a workplace? For now,” he said, “In private, I’m playing around in the dressing room. There is. ” Miyata talked about the kissing situation between the members nakedly, but ended the topic with a big shyness, “It’s okay! We kissed each other. We’re Kis-My!” The program can be listened to on radiko within 1 week after broadcasting (only for Premier members if outside the area).