17 ways to increase self-affirmation to enrich your life!

Self-affirmation is the feeling of being able to recognize and affirm yourself as a valuable being. Recognizing yourself as a valuable person is not the evaluation of others, but the sense of how you perceive it. It is said that self-affirmation is one of the secrets to staying positive without being depressed by trivial matters. In this article, I’ll show you how to increase your self-affirmation. If you are interested, please refer to it. Introducing the importance of increasing self-affirmation and how to do it. What is self-affirmation? Self-affirmation is when you evaluate yourself and feel that you are important. Similar words have self-esteem, but self-esteem is a feeling of respect for oneself. Even if self-affirmation is low, self-esteem may increase if you have a feeling of respect for yourself. Respecting yourself can create a positive feeling for you, which can be mixed with self-affirmation. Why is it good to have a high sense of self-affirmation? You may be wondering what kind of benefits you can get by increasing your sense of self-affirmation. Let’s look at it concretely.

Reason 1: Be proactive

A high sense of self-affirmation has the characteristic of being optimistic and having a positive perspective. As a result, you will be positive about everything and will be proactive in doing things. You will not be afraid to make mistakes, you will think about your own growth from there, and you will continue to act positively without fear of failure.

Reason 2: I can afford

Because you accept yourself as it is, you will feel more stable and have more time to enjoy living. You will have more room in your heart, and you will be able to respect yourself and the other person without comparing yourself with others. You will not be swayed by the evaluation of others. The reason why high self-affirmation is good is how to increase self-affirmation Now that you understand the importance of self-affirmation, some people are wondering how to increase self-affirmation. Probably. It is believed that there are the following ways to increase self-affirmation. ・ Write out the bad parts
・ Turn weaknesses and weaknesses into positive words
・ Change relationships
・ Change the wording

Increasing affirmation will lead to a change in your negative self. It will also lead to a happy and enjoyable life, so let’s start with what you can do in the methods I will introduce. Learn how to increase self-affirmation

Method 1: Write out the bad parts

The more I feel bad, the more anxious my heart becomes. Let’s write down the bad parts so that you can organize your thoughts once. Accepting as it is is necessary for self-affirmation. After writing down your negative parts, it is important to add the wording that allows you at the end. Write your own negative part To write out the bad part, write your own negative part. For example, “I’m not good at speaking in public,” “I’m a person with many mistakes,” “I’m very particular and stubborn,” and “I have some excuses.” For the time being, you don’t have to think hard because you just write down the parts you don’t like on paper as you come up with them. By writing and outputting, your challenges will become more prominent and it will be the first step to increase your self-affirmation. Finally, add the wording that allows you. Humans are said to be “forgotten if you put a break.” After writing a sentence that you feel is useless, write a word that allows you to say, “You can do it.” For example, “I don’t mind if I’m not good at speaking in public,” “It’s natural because I’m human enough to make mistakes,” “I can be particular about it,” “I can make excuses, and I just worked more wisdom than necessary.” .. Let’s break it down and think positively because we have prepared the words to forgive.

Method 2: Turn weaknesses and weaknesses into positive words

It is said that human beings change their personality and behavior depending on the words they use. If you say it negatively, you will hate yourself and you will be away from self-affirmation. To increase self-affirmation, use positive words for weaknesses and weaknesses, such as “impatient” for “active”, “negative” for “sensitive”, and “miser” for “saver”. Let’s convert.

Method 3: Change relationships

There are ways to change relationships to increase self-affirmation. People are influenced by their surroundings. As the phrase “kind calls friends”, if all the people around you have low self-affirmation, it will be difficult to increase self-affirmation. If you are close to someone who has a high sense of self-affirmation, your way of thinking and behavior will change little by little. Be conscious and stay close to people with high self-affirmation.

Method 4: Change the wording

There are ways to change the wording to increase self-affirmation. It is said that self-affirmation increases when you use positive words on a daily basis. People with low self-affirmation tend to use negative words, so get in the habit of translating them into positive words. For example, “I don’t like it anymore” is “I’m glad if I become XX”, “I’m sure I’ll fail” is “Let’s think about the possibility of success”, and “I’m not good at it” is “My pace”.

Method 5: Put yourself first

People with low self-affirmation care about the evaluation of others, so prioritize actions that do not receive bad evaluation from others. However, this remains low self-affirmation. Raising self-affirmation begins with valuing what you want to do and how you think. Self-affirmation will only increase when you prioritize your thoughts and feelings and are affirmed by others.

Method 6: Set the hurdle low

One way to increase self-affirmation is to set the hurdle low. Goal setting that is too high is one of the factors that reduce self-affirmation. If you make a mistake, the feeling that you are a bad person will take root. Achievement is the key to increasing self-affirmation, so it is important to accumulate small successful experiences. In order for your actions to be satisfactory to you, you must first have a successful experience, which leads to an affirmation of yourself that you can do this.

Method 7: Imechen

When you want to change the inside, it is also important to change the impression at once from the appearance. Many people with low self-affirmation are not interested in fashion, so change your impression from the appearance and realize that you can change so much. If you are well dressed, you may be praised by others, and if you feel confident in yourself, you will be able to respond openly even in conversations with people you meet for the first time.

Method 8: Change the question from focus

People with low self-affirmation often ask negative questions, such as “Why am I not attached?” Or “I am not talented.” If there are many questions like this, it will be easier to think in the negative direction. To increase your self-affirmation, change to questions that can give you constructive answers, such as “how do you succeed?” Or “find a way to work.”

Method 9: Admit yourself

If you are negative and underestimate yourself, your self-affirmation will not increase. People with a high sense of self-affirmation can take good care of themselves. I don’t take myself badly unnecessarily. To recognize yourself, it is important to first like yourself and accept yourself as you are. Even if there are weaknesses, it is me. Accept yourself, including your weaknesses.

Method 10: sweat

Continue exercising to increase self-affirmation. If you exercise moderately to sweat, your body will warm up, your head will be refreshed, and your feelings will change positively. You can get a sense of accomplishment by continuing regularly, so why not make a day to exercise even once a week, such as jogging or muscle training.

Method 11: Avoid people who don’t fit the sled

One way to increase self-affirmation is to avoid people who don’t fit the sled. Don’t try to get along with someone you don’t want to get involved with. For example, an uncomfortable partner or group if you don’t force yourself to agree. Even if you feel that the sled does not fit, you need to agree with each other and look at your complexion in order to get along with them. You will be bound by the evaluation of others, which will reduce your self-affirmation.

Method 12: Try using powerful words

People with low self-affirmation are vulnerable to the words they choose, such as “I think it’s probably XX.” Use words that enhance self-affirmation, such as “I can do it,” to change the mindset of believing in myself.

Method 13: Do not use negative words

When you use a negative word, you are the one who hears and remembers the word closest to you. It will tend to be difficult to develop a sense of self-affirmation because that memory will remain and negative emotions will increase. Avoid using negative words as much as possible, and if you do, add a habit of paraphrasing them into positive words.

Method 14: Be honest

People with low self-affirmation may be negative even if they are praised, but when they are praised, try to accept them in words. Even if you act according to the evaluation of others, you will have some doubts and fall into self-denial. If the other person praises you in an honest manner, you will feel reassured that you have accepted your true self, and your self-affirmation will gradually increase.

Method 15: Change your mood

If you can change your mood well, you can survive without thinking too much in the negative direction. For example, give yourself time to immerse yourself in something, such as a hobby, to change your mood. Even if you make a mistake at work, you may be able to increase your self-affirmation without feeling depressed if you have lessons that will make you feel better at the end of work.

Method 16: Understand yourself

To foster a sense of self-affirmation, it is necessary to have a positive awareness of yourself, such as believing in your potential and being confident that you can do it. If you do not understand yourself and remain unstable, you will remain uncertain about what you are confident about. Start by giving yourself the opportunity to reflect on your experience and to objectively re-examine your everyday feelings.

Method 17: Write down three happy things that happened today

One way to increase self-affirmation is to write down three things that made you happy that day. It is said that remembering the positive events that happened on that day has a psychological effect such as increasing happiness and stress tolerance. “I was able to get up early,” “I was praised for my work,” “I finished my work without working overtime,” “I bought cute clothes,” etc. Any small thing is fine, so before going to bed, I was happy to have that day. Make a habit of writing three. Let’s increase self-affirmation! I introduced how to increase self-affirmation. How was it? With low self-affirmation, even small things can be depressed, or only the negative aspects of things can be a concern. Self-affirmation makes it easier for you to have a sense of well-being and fulfillment, which gives you a sense of positivity and is the secret to living with a warm feeling every day. Let’s raise self-affirmation so that we can spend our days cheerfully.