Fire near the site of the explosion in Beirut in August, a voice of uneasiness from the public

Fire near the site of the explosion in Beirut Sep 11, 10:30 a.m.

In Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, where a massive explosion killed 190 people last month, a fire broke out in a warehouse near the site of the explosion, causing concern from citizens.
In Beirut, just after noon on the 10th, a fire came out of a warehouse area where debris removal work was carried out in a massive explosion last month.

In the video from the site, you can see the black smoke rising and covering the sky. According to the Lebanese army, tires and oil were stored in the warehouse, and local media reported that the fire that had come out of the welding operation may have been caused by something burning.

Last month’s explosion killed 190 people and caused extensive damage, including broken buildings and broken windows over a 10-kilometer radius. The fire, which broke out a little more than a month after the explosion, has raised concerns among citizens and has moved to evacuate the city by car.

The man, who is in the middle of an evacuation, said, “After the explosion, my family lives in a jump. Because of this fire, we have to take him out of Beirut.”