Go To Travel “Tokyo is also a target” Voices of expectation and anxiety in various places

Go To Travel “Tokyo is also eligible” Voices of expectation and anxiety in various places September 11 18:01

While we look forward to the effectiveness of the campaign in various places, there are also concerns that GoTo Travel, a measure to stimulate tourism demand, will also be included in travel to and from Tokyo.

Asakusa Voice of uneasiness whether the number of tourists will increase

In Asakusa, Tokyo, while expecting the effects of the campaign, some people were worried about the increase in tourists as the spread of the new coronavirus had not subsided.

In addition to the sharp decrease in foreign tourists due to the spread of infection in the Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa, one of the leading tourist destinations in Tokyo, there are some stores that are closed with shutters closed due to the decrease in the number of tourists from Japan.

A woman who sells bean sweets in a shopping street said, “It made me feel a little better, but I’m not worried about the increase in sales as the number of tourists increases.”

In the store, sales continue to be less than 10% of the usual year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so “There are days when I just went shopping at a supermarket on my way home from work and the sales of the day disappeared. It’s something I can’t help, so I’d like to work out it even a little bit.”

In addition, the woman who runs a souvenir shop said, “I expect it, but Tokyo still has a lot of infected people, so people in rural areas may feel scared. I think I’ll be disappointed when the customers don’t come if I expect too much, so now I have a complicated feeling.”

Measures to avoid “smuggling” using the hotel app in Hakone

At the hotel in Hakone-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture, we are strengthening measures to avoid compactness by introducing a service that allows you to check-in in advance using the LINE app on your smartphone.

At HotelOkada in Yumoto, Hakone, there are many customers from Tokyo originally, and this month’s reservations are about 30% less than usual, and we have high expectations that Go To Travel will also add to the scope of travel to and from Tokyo.

In order to avoid becoming crowded in the hotel and to ensure that more guests can enjoy it with peace of mind, the hotel has already introduced a system that allows customers to check in on their smartphones and other devices, and from the 15th of this month, we will introduce a service that reduces the time to stop near the front desk by using LINE to check-in procedures in advance.

Yohei Hara, Managing Director of Hotel Mother, said, “We have high expectations that guests from Tokyo will return. We would like to create an environment where customers can enjoy themses by devising ways to prevent “closeness” even a little.”

Kyoto Arashiyama Chirimen Craft Shop “I want sales to go up even a little”

In the tourist spots of Kyoto, there were voices of expectation and anxiety.

Arashiyama in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, one of Kyoto’s leading tourist destinations, continues to have few tourists due to the new coronavirus.

Of these, it is said that sales have dropped significantly at bamboo souvenir shops. Keisuke Ishikawa, the owner of the store and vice-president of Arashiyama Shopping Street, said, “I hope that people from Tokyo will be the first step toward a breakthrough, and there is a fear that the infection will spread, but I would like to take thorough measures to prevent infection.”

In addition, there are few shoppers in stores that sell silk fabric chirimen crafts, and we would like to continue to attract tourists while taking measures to prevent infection. A female employee said, “We hope that the entire Arashiyama area will continue to wear and disinfect masks, as well as increase sales even a little in the run-up to the autumn tourist season.”

The man, who was visiting from Aichi Prefecture for sightseeing, said, “I feel that it will be easier to meet my friends in Tokyo in the future. I am concerned about the risk of infection, but I would like to continue to take care of the prevention of infection.”

In addition, a woman from Kyoto city who visited for shopping said, “The number of tourists is getting smaller overall, and I hope that each and every one of us will come to Kyoto to take measures against infection in the future.”

Welcome from Fukuoka Airport Souvenir Shop

At Fukuoka Airport, we were told by souvenir shops that it was too early.

Souvenir shops selling Mentaiko at the domestic terminal of Fukuoka Airport said that sales increased immediately after the start of “Go To Travel” in July, but sales have declined again since then.

For this reason, the number of tourists increased due to the addition of travel to and from Tokyo, and sales were expected to recover, mainly for products popular with the younger generation, such as rice crackers using Mentaiko and Mentaiko with tubes.

Naoya Ohtani, the manager of the souvenir shop, said, “We expect a lot of tourists to come from Tokyo as the tourist season starts in October and November.”

In addition, a woman in her twenties who is going to Tokyo from now on said, “If Tokyo is added, I want to prevent infection and go to play again and again.”

On the other hand, a woman who had come to see off her daughter and grandson returning to Hokkaido said, “I think it is very early for Tokyo to be added considering the risk of infection. I don’t think I’m going to go on a trip to Tokyo because I’m still only planning to go on trips in the prefecture.”

Matsuyama travel agency strengthens arrangements for business business trips to Tokyo

Travel agencies in Matsuyama City are working to strengthen arrangements for business trips to Tokyo.

In response to the government’s policy of adding Tokyo to the “Go To Travel” program, travel agencies in Matsuyama City confirmed that executives and contact personnel will gather to strengthen arrangements for business trips to Tokyo, which will be newly discounted, and to guide customers through the use of Go To Travel coupons, which will begin on the 1st of next month.

In addition, we decided to sell a plan that will be up to 70% cheaper than usual in accordance with the campaign at accommodation close to do go onsen main building, one of Shikoku’s leading tourist spots. In addition, customers coming from Tokyo will receive a jelly that can enjoy the rich taste of mandarin oranges from Ehime Prefecture.

In addition, in the dressing room of the large public bath, in addition to the new room attached between the washbasins next to each other, we also took measures against infection, such as automatically turning the door into the public bath to reduce contact as much as possible.

Hiroshi Kawachi, president of Douchi Prince Hotel, said, “Until now, about 25% of our guests in The Kanto region, such as Tokyo, have been mainstays, so we expect many guests to come.”

Okinawa Hotel Manager Expectations :Visit after firm measures”

On 6th Street in Naha City, where souvenir shops and restaurants are lined up, there were voices of welcome, but there were also concerns about the spread of the infection again.

Okinawa Prefecture’s emergency declaration, which has been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, has been lifted from the 6th of this month, but Essendo is still deserted because there are few people walking.

As for the policy of “GoTo Travel” to target travel to and from Tokyo from next month, a souvenir shop woman said, “I’m happy and half worried that the infection will spread again. I hope they will return to a normal state that is crowded with school excursion students and tourists as soon as possible.”

A man who has been operating a jewelry store for 50 years said, “There were originally a lot of foreign customers, so I can’t expect much even if Tokyo is canceled. It’s really hard with very little sales for five months.”

In hotels facing Yingtle, we have been promoting the disease by thoroughly implementing measures against infection. Since the prefecture’s original declaration of emergency has been lifted, the number of customers has been returning, but the occupancy rate of the rooms is still less than 40%, which is less than half of the usual year.

Naohisa Takakura, general manager of the hotel, said, “We expect Okinawa to have so many customers from Kanto, including Tokyo. The hotel industry has also put a lot of effort into preventing infectious diseases, so I hope that customers will come after they have taken firm measures.”