Hacker Group: Both Sides of the U.S. Presidential Election

Hacker Group U.S. Presidential Election Targeted Saiba – Attack Activation September 11 11:26

With two months to go before the U.S. presidential election, IT giant Microsoft has called for alarm, against cyberattacks targeting Russian, Chinese and Iranian hacker groups, including Trump and Biden.
Microsoft today announced that it has confirmed that hacker groups in Russia, China and Iran have been targeting individuals and groups involved in the November U.S. presidential election to increase cyberattacks in recent weeks.

As for Russia, the same group that carried out cyberattacks on the Democratic camp in the last presidential election four years ago has targeted more than 200 organizations, including Republican and Democratic consultants and think tanks in the United States, since September last year.

As for China, thousands of attacks were confirmed between March and September, and nearly 150 of them had intrusions into systems, etc., after cyberattacks targeting key figures from both Trump and Biden camps and attacks targeting prominent experts at universities and think tanks.

While Microsoft says that “most attacks were pre-known and stopped by security software, etc.,” microsoft has also called for caution because of the known intrusions.

In the run-up to the presidential election, the Office of the Secretary of National Intelligence, which oversees U.S. intelligence agencies, earlier warned that Russia, China and Iran were trying to intervene in the election through cyberattacks and other attacks.