Keiko Kitagawa and Go Ayano slap! Men’s and women’s buddy activity “The Legacy of Dr. Death” notice

The preview video of the movie “The Legacy of Dr. Death -BLACK FILE-” (released on November 13), starring actor Go Ayano, was released on the 11th. From the left, Go Ayano and Keiko Kitagawa are live-action adaptations of the popular writer Shichiri Nakayama’s suspense novel, Inukai Hayato series. Dr. Death, a serial killer who receives a request from a dark site and euthanizes a person, is investigated by the No. 1 combination Inuyo (Ayano) and Takachiho (Keiko Kitagawa) of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1, but the bereaved family is the criminal. I thank him and protect him with false testimony. In this preview video, which was the first video to be lifted this time, Inuyo and Takachiho set out to investigate a serial suspicious death case that attacks only end-of-life patients, and murdered by euthanasia prescribing a peaceful death without bothering the victim. It depicts the approach to the existence of a serial killer called “Dr. Death” who repeats. The strange sight of the victim’s bereaved family covering the “Dr. Death” is a dark finish that gives the illusion that the murder is justified. Also, for the theme song[Alexandros]The newly written song “Beast” has been decided.

Go Ayano Comment

[Alexandros]The moment I heard his “Beast”, I was convinced that the last piece of this movie was ready. As Inuyo came back to life and Takachiho cut through the darkness and derived the truth, there were a lot of emotions that couldn’t be told. “To live” on this simple theme[Alexandros]”Beast” gave us light.

Comment by Keiko Kitagawa

Starting with a cool guitar riff, I was overwhelmed by the edgy solid band sound.
It’s a thrilling development like this movie, and the lyrics are in line with the world view of the movie, so I’m really looking forward to listening to it in the theater.
The last guitar was exactly our feelings approaching Dr. Death.

[Alexandros] comment

I made such a fierce song for the first time in a while.
When I was writing songs for recording, I came up with ideas in the studio, and I enjoyed the competition. From the moment I finished watching it, I felt that I wanted to make a song like this, so I discussed it with the production team and created it.
The movie is also quite intense, and Mr. Ayano and Mr. Kitagawa are showing great action in an aggressive manner, and the song is as intense as it is, so I hope you enjoy it at the theater.