Ryosuke Yamada x Kei Tanaka, half-brother’s bumpy buddy! “Kiwadoi 2” start tonight

The TBS-based Friday drama “Kiwadoi 2 -K2-Ikebukuro Station Criminal Division Kanzaki / Kuroki” (every Friday from 22:00), starring Ryosuke Yamada of the idol group Hey! Say! JUMP, will start today. To do. “Kiwadoi 2 people-K2-Ikebukuro Police Criminal Division Kanzaki / Kuroki” Episode 1 scene photo This work is a serious career detective of the humanity group, Ryuichi Kanzaki (Ryosuke Yamada) and a super-rough criminal detective, Kuroki. A thrilling detective drama in which Kenji (Kei Tanaka) forms a buddy and challenges a violent incident that occurs in the city of Ikebukuro. The two, who have the secret of being half-brothers who have lived a completely different life since childhood, have opposite personalities, values, and investigative policies, and solve the case with the ability to protect Ikebukuro while sometimes colliding. I will guide you. Jesse (SixTONES), Norito Yashima, Noriko Eguchi, Kazusa Okuyama and other unique members have appeared as members of the Criminal Division / Forced Criminal Section of the Ikebukuro Station where the two work. In addition, Nagisa Sekimizu will play the role of a mysterious woman who is deeply involved in the investigation of the case between Kanzaki and Kuroki, and Kippei Shiina will play the role of father of Kanzaki and Kuroki. Ryuichi Kanzaki (Yamada), a career detective assigned to the Criminal Division Forced Criminal Section at the Ikebukuro Police Station. On the first day of work in Kanzaki, his partner, senior detective Kenji Kuroki (Tanaka), is absent without notice, and is ordered by the chief of the forcible criminal, Suenaga (Yashima), to find the missing Kuroki. Looking at the trends on the eve of Kuroki, I visited a girls bar and left the store with a female clerk, but I couldn’t get a foothold after that. At that point, Kanzaki finds Kuroki’s police notebook with blood near the tire marks that would have braked suddenly. In addition, Kuroki, who had been lost, called the assailant, saying, “I was involved in a kidnapping case.” (C) TBS