19 years after the terrorist attacks in the United States, memorial service for the victims at the site of the World Trade Center building

19 Years after the Terrorist Attacks in the United States At the Site of the World Trade Center Building September 12 at 1:26 AM

It has been 19 years since the terrorist attacks on the United States in 11 days. At the site of the World Trade Center building in New York, a ceremony is being held to mourn the victims from just after 9:30 p.m. On November 11, Japan time.
In the September 11, 2001, four hijacked airliners crashed into the World Trade Center building in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington, the capital, which killed nearly 3,000 people, including 24 Japanese.

The ceremony, which began on the site of the World Trade Center building, was attended by Vice President Pence, Democratic presidential candidates and former Vice President Biden, who voiced the names of the bereaved families as they offered silence at the time the first airliner crashed into the building.

In the United States, after the incident, there was a series of hate crimes- hate crimes from prejudice to Muslims.

This is because of the spread of the new coronavirus, there has been an increase in hate crime against Asians, and there has been a growing conflict over the issue of racism.

In this situation, there have been calls from the families of the survivors of the terrorist attacks to realize a tolerant society, those who say that only hatred can be born from hatred.

The Trump administration has reached a peace agreement with insurgents and the Taliban over military operations in Afghanistan, also known as the “longest war in U.S. history,” that began in the wake of the incident, reducing the number of U.S. troops stationed there by more than 4000.

However, there is still a lot of fighting and terrorism in the country, and 19 years after the incident, citizens around the world have not been able to get away with their fears of terrorism.