Grand Sumo Matsugane Master Shin Shin Corona Virus In Action For Violation of Guidelines

Grand Sumo Tournament Matsugane Masakata Shin shin in violation of guidelines Corona Virus September 12 13:10

The Japan Sumo Association announced on December 12 that Matsugane will refrain from acting in violation of the guidelines established to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
Mr. Shibatayama, Director of Public Relations of the Japan Sumo Association, announced in Motomakuuchi that Tamarishido’s Matsugane parents had acted in violation of guidelines that stipulated unnecessary and urgent self-restraint in order to prevent the spread of the infection, and that they would be “modest” for the time being, including the period of autumn from the 12th.

The Sumo Association plans to dispose of Matsugane after conducting an investigation by the Compliance Committee, and has not disclosed the specific actions at this time.

On the 6th of last month, Matsugane was tested positive for the new coronavirus, and Shibatayama, the public relations manager, said, “Once you have a positive reaction, you have to be aware of it.”

In sumo wrestling, on the 11th, Tokitsu-fu’s parents have been admiraged for violations of their behavior, and there have been a series of behavioral violations by their parents.

The head of the tail car division of the Japan Sumo Association said, “It’s really disappointing and frustrating that parents take action when it’s important for the members of the association to become one.”