LDP presidential election public debate mr. 3 candidates debate on measures against the Corona Virus

LDP presidential election public debate Mr. 3 candidates debate on measures against the Corona Virus September 12 19:02

The three candidates running for the LDP presidential election attended a public debate hosted by the Japan Press Club on December 12. In response to former Secretary General Ishiba’s call for early revision of the Act on Special Measures against Coronaviruses, Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan expressed his thoughts on continuing measures under the current framework for the time being, and Mr. Kishida, Chairman of the Research Council, expressed the idea that discussions on the review should proceed.

The image of the nation we are aiming for

Mr. Ishiba: “We must create a country where each person has a place and can feel happiness. It’s a new society that is well educated in rural areas and has jobs and income.”

Mr. Kan said, “It’s self-help, co-help, and public as-help. First of all, try it yourself, the community and the family help each other, and the government protects it with a safety net. We will break down vertical administration, set-up principles, and vested interests to reform regulations and create a society that is trusted by the people.”

Mr. Kishida: “We will create sustainable capitalism suitable for Japan in this day and age. We want to create an economy and society where we can face disparities and divisions, recognize diversity, and feel the unity of the people.”

Corona Virus Antivirus Special Measures Act

Mr. Ishiba: “If it is necessary to converge the infection, it should be revised. If it is forced to control economic activity, economic support is needed.”

Mr. Kan: “First of all, I would like to take measures as they are now. We have to review it if necessary, but there are various issues, such as human rights issues, and we are required to respond carefully with an incidental resolution in the Diet.”
Additional economic measures
“If it’s not enough, I’ll do my next thing thoroughly. We want to take responsibility for continuing our employment and business.”

Mr. Kishida: “We must proceed with the discussion and, if prepared, think about discussing it in the Diet. It is important to discuss issues such as how to think about the issue of fairness of people who have responded to self-exclusion requests and who have not responded to requests for self-restraint, and support in the event of a request for self-restraint.”

Tax system including consumption tax

Mr. Ishiba: “We must not talk about fiscal and taxation without discussion of social security reform. We should not take fiscal consolidation into mind in the sense that we will not leave too much burden on the next era.”

Mr. Kan said, “We have succeeded in Abenomics in our basic policy of “no fiscal consolidation without economic revitalization.” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that the consumption tax rate will not be raised for 10 years, but I agree with him. But we shouldn’t deny it until the future, and we don’t think about it for ten years.”

Mr. Kishida: “We will think about raising the consumption tax if necessary after firmly reforming the social security system. But we just raised the tax rate last year, and we’re fighting the new coronavirus, so I think it’s going to be difficult to touch it for a while.”

Diplomacy and Security

Mr. Ishiba: “We should create an equal Japan-U.S. alliance with a view to revising the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement. I want to make more efforts to increase the number of Japanese people who understand Japan in Asia.”

Mr. Kan: “It is important to associate with Asian countries based on the Japan-U.S. alliance. Although there are difficult issues with China, South Korea, and other neighboring countries, we would like to promote diplomacy that allows us to strategically and communicate with each other at all time, rather than rather than allying between the two countries.”, “It is important to continue diplomacy.” I can’t do anything like Prime Minister Abe’s leader’s diplomacy, so I want to stick to my own diplomatic stance. Of course, we will consult with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.”

Mr. Kishida: “In the increasing division of conflicts and protectionism between the United States and China, I think that searching for a path of multi-diplomacy is a direction that shows its presence. It is important for Japan to lead the way in creating rules on global issues in cooperation with countries that share basic values.”

Moritomo Gakuen and Kakei Gakuen’s Problems Responding to the Cherry Blossom Watching Society

Mr. Ishiba: “If necessary, we should re-investigate it. The people who are convinced must be at least a majority. It is strange that the cherry blossom-watching party is not fair because it is organized by the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister. The next time we hold it, we need to make people know it’s changed.”

Mr. Kan: “Moritomo Gakuen’s problem has been based on the findings of the Ministry of Finance, but we will make measures to prevent this from happening again. It is also clear that the issue of Kakei Gakuen was under consideration in an open process in accordance with laws and regulations.”

Mr. Kishida: “Whether the explanation is sufficient must be judged by whether the person receiving the explanation is satisfied or not. We have to think about how to deal with it from the viewpoint of fairness and equality from the public’s point of view.”