Traditional teaching methods among students Burdened by lower class students Takarazuka Music School reviewed

Traditional teaching methods among students Burdened by lower class students Takarazuka School of Music review September 12 18:34

It was found that Takarazuka Music School in Hyogo Prefecture, which trains the Takarajenne of the future, is reviewing the traditional teaching methods that have been passed down among students, such as teaching lower-class students one-on-one and greeting students on trains that may be on board.
Takarazuka Music School has 40 students in each grade on a two-year system, and they take vocal music and ballet lessons, but senior students teach lower-class students how to clean the school building and their attitude toward life.

According to the school, until the day before yesterday, senior students traditionally chose lower class students to become one-on-one pairs and taught for one year, but a few years ago, when the school investigated that there were lower-class students who were sick, it was found that some under-class students had been charged with excessive submissions.

For this reason, the school decided to review it as a burden on lower-class students, and since April last year, it has instructed students to teach on a group basis of 10 students, and has been prepared to consult with counselors.

In addition, we have also improved the greeting to the Hankyu train, which has been handed down as a “pre-course” among the students, and the expression of lowering the mouth angle by wrinkled between the eyebrows in front of the senior students, and it is that it is almost not seen now.

Takarazuka School of Music says, “Society’s view of harassment and severe up-and-down relationships is changing, and we want to make improvements in line with the times while respecting the school traditions.”