Very heavy rain of 78.5 mm in Nagasaki city, atmospheric instability nationwide

Very heavy rain of 78.5 mm in Nagasaki city Nationwide atmospheric instability September 12 6:14

Due to the stagnating front, there has been intermittent and very heavy rain in Kyushu and other parts of the country. In western Japan, there is a possibility of very heavy rain locally from eastern Japan to northern Japan on the 13th, and it is necessary to be alert to sediment disasters and low land inundation.
According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, warm and moist air flows toward the stagnant front, and the atmosphere continues to be very unstable nationwide.

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced 10 times in six prefectures: Shikoku, China, Tohoku, Kanto, and Kyushu on November 11 and 1, announcing the “Record Short-Time Heavy Rainfall Information,” which tells people that heavy rain is imminent in the event of a disaster.

On the 12th, radar analysis showed heavy rain of about 120 millimeters per hour near Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

In addition, in one hour until 5:30 a.m.,
In addition to observing very heavy rain of 78.5 mm in Nomozaki, Nagasaki City
45 mm in Nagasaki City
We observed 40.5 mm of heavy rain at Akiyoshidai, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The atmosphere continues to be very unstable, and there is a risk of very heavy rain over the night of the 12th in western Japan and locally on the 13th in eastern Japan.

In the 24 hours leading up to the morning of the 13th, there was a lot of rain.
150 mm in Tohoku, Izu Islands, Tokai, Shikoku, southern Kyushu,
120 mm in Kanto Koshin,
It is expected to be 100 mm in the China region and northern Kyushu,
After that, rainfall is expected to increase further in Tohoku.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has called for caution against landslides, low land inundation, and sudden river flooding, as well as wind gusts such as lightning strikes and tornadoes, as well as “hyo.”