Yukako Ikee will compete in next month’s Japan Student Championship.

Ikee Ayakako will compete in next month’s Japan Student Championship on September 12 at 8:30 p.m.

Ikee Kako, a competitive swimmer who returned to competition last month, has decided to compete in next month’s Japan Student Championship, which was her most recent goal.
Ikee, who has been aiming to return to competition from leukemia, participated in last month’s tournament in Tokyo for the first time in about a year and seven months, and marked a time of 26.32 seconds to break the standard participation record required for next month’s Japan Student Championship in the women’s 50-meter freestyle.

With this year’s Japan Student Championship, the Japan Swimming Federation has limited the number of athletes who can compete to reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, and the women’s 50-meter freestyle entered by Ikee must be within the top 40, and the entry for the tournament was closed on November 11.

As a result, Ikee’s provisional ranking is 17th, and he is certain to compete in the Japan Student Championship.

Ikee entered Nippon University in April last year while he was in the hospital for treatment of leukemia, and last year’s tournament was temporarily discharged from the hospital and visited the venue.

After the tournament, he commented, “I was really disappointed that I couldn’t play, so I’m sure I’ll get revenge again.”