20th Anniversary of Debut, Hitomi Yaida “After all, there is power to sing”

Hitomi Yaida, a singer-songwriter, appeared on the special program “THE MUSIC DAY” (14: 55-22: 54) on Nippon Television Network System on the 12th, and made comments after the stage. Hitomi Yaida The “My Sweet Darlin'” that was unveiled this time was released in 2000. Twenty years later, when I asked him about his thoughts on this song, he said, “I try not to change the way I sing this song. I think music can carry on the image and memories of that time, so I sing it as much as possible. I’m conscious of that, “he says. When asked about the feelings of the 20th anniversary of his debut, he said, “I didn’t think I could continue to play music for 20 years when I made my debut, so I’m grateful for that. I feel like I got 100 points because music is not sharp! I’ve never tasted it live or recorded, so I didn’t want to do that or this. It’s been 20 years since I chased the thing in front of me. If I keep looking for things that I can do with music every day and things that I can share with someone, I hope it’s been (years) as a result. ” And when I asked about “the meaning of singing” after the program theme “Why do people sing?”, “I believe that singing has power. Even if I’m very depressed, I force myself to sing aloud. When you try it, the power is full, and the part where you can share joy and sadness with music and convert it to move forward is also the part where music is attractive and obsessed. ” The program was broadcast in early July every year, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it will be broadcast in September this year. Under the theme of “Why do people sing?”, Artists who deliver various thoughts by singing in order to convey energy and love have gathered.