Grand Sumo Autumn Place Today’s first day in the absence of Yokozuna, what’s the focus?

Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament Today’s first day in the absence of Yokozuna Attention september 13 4:02

On the 13th, the autumn sumo tournament will be held on the 13th, and Oseki and Asanoyama, who are aiming to win their second championship, will play against Koyu and Endo.
The Sumo Autumn Tournament was closed due to injuries to both Hakuho and Tsururyu, and it was the first time in 26 years that Yokozuna was absent from the tournament.

Under these circumstances, attention will be paid to which wrestlers will play a leading role, including both Asanoyama and Takakagekatsu, young players who have been building strength, and those who have experience in Oseki aiming for revival.

Asanoyama, who is expected to win his first title as Oseki for the second time, is a difficult opponent who has lost four games and six losses in the past against Endo. If Asanoyama is put together in the right four, it is superior, but endo is only a sumo wrestler, so it is important not to go to get good at it, but to put a strong hit pressure from the stand first. As Endo, I would like to get into the opponent’s pocket and take advantage of him, such as stepping in quickly.

Another Oseki, Takakagekatsu, worked with Terunofuji, an experienced member of Oseki. Terunofuji won the last place revival championship, and has returned the number from “Makujiri” to the front head. The key to the game is whether takakagekatsu can attack with a strong push of his strength, or whether Terunofuji will be able to stop it in four, which one can be brought into his favorite form.

Sekiwaki, who is aiming to solidify their footing for promotion to Oseki, will play against Hiramaku, with Masayo winning against Takashi, Mitakeumi as Kitakatsu Fuji and Daiei Sho against Tamago.